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Thank you for visiting the MN Headhunter blog, home of Nerd Search, LLC. My name is Paul DeBettignies and I started writing the blog in May of 2005 with the intent of sharing eight years of experience as an Information Technology recruiter.

The site you are now visiting is MN Headhunter 2.0. Instead of having both the blog and a typical corporate site for Nerd Search, I have decided that a hybrid of the two will allow me to best communicate with clients, candidates, and the business community at large.


Nerd Search, LLC was incorporated in July of 2006 as an entity that would take the best practices I have learned over the years and combine them into this firm. Over the previous years I have worked for a national search firm, by myself, and with a loose confederation of recruiters. The plan is to slowly build a firm that not only provides a great service to our clients but also serves the local community.

Areas of expertise
The practice has four areas of service:
  • Full time permanent (contingent and retained)
  • Contract/staff augmentation
  • Contract recruiting: access to recruiters with proven track records
  • Project help: job fairs, writing job ads, sorting resumes, setting interviews, background checks
We perform the hard searches
Our philosophy on searching for the right candidates is that a client should not pay a fee for someone they could have found on their own. We do not compete with clients on job boards and in the newspapers. While we do use the Internet and various sites for name generation, referrals, and general networking, we are not competing with my clients over the same people.

Client Relationships
We build long-term relationships with people who see the value in partnering with an ethical search firm. Everyone says that they work in the best interest of the client, but our business depends on referrals and a strong client relationship.

Our best work is done when your traditional recruiting methods are not bringing you the right candidate. If you are looking for a recruiter who can provide you three candidates in 48 hours, we are not right for you. When you need a proper search of the passive candidate pool, that’s the time to pick up the phone and call us.

Candidate Relationships
We promise we will give you as much information as we have. We call it “playing with our cards face up”. Over the years we have learned that offers and relationships go bad when someone holds information back from the other. We give honest answers, and expect them in return. After all, we should be working together if we’re going to work together.

About Paul DeBettignies (pronounced De-Bettingz)

Over the past year I have been assisting nonprofits in our community find volunteers for their technology needs. This is my passion. The recruiting pays the bills, but volunteering is what brings me the most satisfaction.

More information can be found on the Volunteer Page including full and part time jobs in technology with nonprofits.

I also volunteer quite a bit with students and groups at the University of Minnesota (B.A. 1995). Most students today are like I was in 1995. They have a degree and a resume but are unaware of how to start a job search. To correct that, I lead group seminars on job search and networking.

I also do similar seminars for professional groups, nonprofits and community support groups. If you think I may be of help to your group please contact me.

Online Career Hub is a project that I am developing to help job seekers and networkers find resources in both their area and if they are relocating. The idea was born from a seminar in 2006 when a student was looking for public relations/marketing networking groups in New York City. The Online Career Hub currently provides information on eight cities, with more to come.

This is a brief synopsis of Nerd Search and my other activities. Should you have any questions please contact me by phone, 612-216-1421, or by email, [email protected].

Paul DeBettignies
Managing Partner
Nerd Search, LLC



Welcome to the MN Headhunter Blog. My name is Paul DeBettignies (pronounced De-Bettingz).

I started writing this blog in May of 2005 to share thoughts and ideas I had as an IT recruiter.

Since then I expanded this site to include local recruiter jobs, help Minnesota nonprofits find tech volunteers and employees, link to Minnesota business news, and promote the local tech community.

Thank you for reading.

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