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Authentic Brand

Are you a proven talent acquisition recruiting professional who loves connecting with people, is a passionate brand representative, avid networker, builder of high trust relationships, and servant-hearted leader?

Would you be wildly excited to be part of a values-first, fast-growing, ground-breaking professional services business that is helping our employees love their lives and their work? If so, keep reading.

Authentic Brand is a community of Fractional CMOs who help growing businesses Overcome Random Acts of Marketing® and confidently take the next right step to build revenue. Founded in 2017, Authentic Brand has quickly built a reputation for results and deep, trusted relationships.

We are looking for a Talent Acquisition Recruiter to join Authentic Brand to oversee and develop / manage our CMO talent strategy, process and systems. The Talent Acquisition Recruiter will be responsible for sourcing, attracting, and screening prospective consulting candidates to create a strong talent pipeline to keep pace with our company’s current and future hiring needs.

The Talent Acquisition Recruiter is a trusted advisor and partner to Client Services and Sales, helping to source, recruit and retain highly qualified consulting talent. Our people are our most valuable resource so it is not just about filling a vacancy but rather about evaluating who will be the best successful long-term fit at Authentic Brand.

Authentic Brand is a growing, entrepreneurial organization. Therefore it is critical that the Talent Acquisition Recruiter embraces an environment where change is the norm and where every team member has an opportunity to play a highly influential role.

Talent Acquisition Recruiter Job Details

  • Reports to the head of Client Services
  • Role is Half-Time, Hourly, with longer-term growth potential
  • Corporate headquarters based in Edina, MN. 
  • Monday – Friday, on-site, flexible part-time schedule, standard business hours
  • May include occasional travel

Requirements for the Role

  • Embodies Authentic Brand’s values: Authenticity, Wisdom, Humility, Passion, Generosity.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience
  • SHRM Certified.
  • DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) experience.
  • Proven track record in executive leadership level talent acquisition recruiting in the professional services consulting industry (7-10 years of professional experience in this area).
  • Successful track record of developing long-term recruiting strategies: sourcing, screening, interviewing and hiring the right senior level talent for long term growth.
  • Familiarity with the CMO role responsibilities in modern business; Knows what skills to look for and how to evaluate candidates effectively when hiring for the CMO role.

Attributes of the Ideal Candidate

  • Understands fast-growing entrepreneurial business environments and welcomes the pace, frequency of change, and ongoing innovation that is naturally part of growth.
  • Warm, charismatic, friendly, confident, natural relationship-builder; easily establishes trust and rapport with executive leaders. Exudes joy and genuine care for others. 
  • Natural self-starter and problem-solver that solicits and welcomes feedback.
  • Motivated to constantly elevate goals and outcomes.
  • Clear communicator that ensures all key stakeholders are set up for success; concise, appropriate level of detail for audience, right information to support decision making.
  • Always follows through on promises, sets clear next steps / accountabilities with every interaction – making it easy for CMO candidates to trust Authentic Brand and become raving fans of Authentic Brand (whether they are a fit for our CMO community or not).
  • Positive, collaborative, and optimistic attitude, with proven ability to organize, prioritize and support multiple stakeholders simultaneously. 
  • Cares deeply: desires to be a major contributor to the growth and success of Authentic Brand, its team members, clients and partners.
  • Seeks to listen, learn, and build strong, collaborative relationships that produce high-value results.

Responsibilities Include

  • Lead talent acquisition strategy accountable for recruiting and keeping pace with sales pipeline / deal velocity.
  • Source candidates through various channels, planning interview and selection procedures and working closely with key internal stakeholders to create the right talent capacity and to support Authentic Brand’s long-term company growth goals.
  • Forecast quarterly and annual hiring needs.
  • Embed and instill Authentic Brand’s values through our talent acquisition recruiting processes and interactions.
  • Plan interview and selection procedures, including screening calls, assessments and in-person &/or virtual interviews.
  • Collaborate with Client Services and Sales to determine selection criteria and talent needed.
  • Use various methods to source ideal talent; including LinkedIn (including LinkedIn recruiter), marketing-focused network events and utilizing networks of influence and connections.
  • Elevate existing talent management systems, processes and outcomes (which may include evolving our current systems and processes) to increase effectiveness, efficiency and support long term growth.
  • Be a trusted resource in our networks of influence.
  • Creator / sharer of content that reflects our brand values, personality, style, approach, services, and subject matter expertise. Open new pathways for talent by creatively leveraging your network and personal brand.
  • Diligently respond to, help, qualify, redirect, nurture every relationship that enters the Authentic Brand CMO talent pipeline. Create positive impressions and build advocacy with every interaction.
  • Build Authentic Brand’s database / community of ideal CMO Candidates and nurture  future high quality candidates.
  • Help to drive efficiencies in all aspects of CMO talent acquisition operations.
  • Other responsibilities to be determined based on personal interest and business needs.

Authentic Brand Steward

  • Understand the Authentic Brand story, business model, the clients we serve and our ideal CMO talent profile – passionately bringing our story to life to attract the Ideal CMO candidate to our CMO community. Extremely well-organized, collaborator and self-starter.
  • Excellent time management and organization skills.
  • Attention to detail & problem solving skills.
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills with professional tone and accuracy.
  • Proficiency in technologies including: LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, Hubspot, GSuite, Zoom, Slack, etc.


  • The Talent Acquisition Recruiter role will require in-person, live event engagements and face-time with communities of influence. The ideal candidate will be excited to engage in-person, and flexible with work hours to accommodate morning and/or evening events and occasional travel.
  • Established and trusted personal / professional brand; actively engaged on LinkedIn.
  • Strong networker and connection builder with an established network of communities of influence.
  • Confident, articulate, and poised in presentation and public speaking skills: able to lead a meeting, presentation and/or program in collaboration with Authentic Brand leaders.
  • Confident in building and nurturing relationships with C-Suite and Executive Leaders.
  • Highly-engaged representative of Authentic Brand: in physical, social, and online communities. Build engagement, trust, followership, and new talent opportunities.

Systems & Processes

  • History of building and diligently managing Applicant Tracking Systems and processes that have achieved proven outcomes in fast-growing, entrepreneurial environments.
  • Manage candidates using our current applicant tracking system as well as be able to develop future strategies and processes for a more efficient talent acquisition tracking system / process to ensure we are attracting, nurturing and welcoming the right highly qualified CMO candidates into our CMO community to support our growth.
  • Create systems and processes to effectively evaluate experience and skill sets and determine highly qualified candidates to move to the next stage – may include: candidate applications, assessments, skill tests etc.

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