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Recruiter III (contract)

Full Time Minnesota Recruiter Contract



The main function of a recruiter is to seek out, interview, and screen applicants to fill existing and future job openings and promote career opportunities within an organization. A typical recruiter is responsible for finding new talent to bring to an organization.

Job Responsibilities:

• Establish and maintain relationships with hiring managers to stay abreast of current and future hiring and business needs.

• Perform searches for qualified candidates according to relevant job criteria, using computer database, networking, Internet recruiting resources, cold calls, media and employee referrals.

• Interview applicants to obtain information on work history, training, education and job skills.

• Prepare and maintain employment records.

• Contact applicants to inform them of employment possibilities, consideration, and selection.

• Inform potential applicants about facilities, operations, benefits, and job or career opportunities in organizations.


• Verbal and written communication skills, negotiation skills, customer service and interpersonal skills.

• Ability to work independently and manage one’s time.

• Basic mentoring skills necessary to provide support and constructive performance feedback.

• Knowledge of legal policies and procedures related to hiring practices and other work related activities.

• Knowledge of principles and procedures for personnel recruitment, selection and training.

• Knowledge business and management principles involved in strategic planning.

• Previous experience with computer applications, such as Microsoft Word and Excel.


• Bachelor's degree in human resources or equivalent training required.

• 5-7 years customer service related experience required.

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