HR and Recruiting Manager
Recruiter/HRD Specialist

Temporary Recruiter

Full Time Minnesota Recruiter Contract

Lunds & Byerlys

Overview: This position is responsible for partnering with retail and manufacturing locations to ensure hiring needs are met. Duties include sourcing candidates, completing phone screens, and scheduling interviews.

The duration of this position will be no longer than two (2) months.

Day in the Life:

Location: Primarily in an office setting and/or remotely

What to Expect: We pride ourselves on providing both our candidates and our hiring manager partners with a collaborative, hospitable, and efficient hiring process. You will assist in sourcing and hiring candidates to keep our stores fully staffed over the holidays.

Qualifications: Qualified candidates possess excellent verbal communication skills, the ability to make quick and accurate decisions, and are committed to a positive candidate experience.

Our Commitment to You: Lunds & Byerlys is committed to taking care of the employees who take care of our customers. We are committed to creating work environments centered around the values of hospitality, teamwork, and opportunity.

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