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New Lion Labs

At New Lion Labs we are about building things… MVP’s for entrepreneurs, new products for our established clients and in general the business of those we work with.

We are also building product teams here at New Lion with an eye on building your career. We feel if you improve and grow then we all improve and grow.

We are hiring… that will not surprise you. Most companies are looking for someone like you and you’re here wondering, why this team. Why now.

About You

If you are interested in: continual innovation, design focus, reverse engineering things, working on mobile and web apps, working with entrepreneurs and innovators helping them build their product, bring it to market and scale, being a part of something important… then we may be for you.

We want to see you be happy and create things that you want to show off to your friends, family and peers.

We want to meet you on your terms.

· Are you actively looking for a job right now? Click “Contact Us”

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· Do you just want to nerd out about design, mobile apps and building businesses? Click “Contact Us”

About New Lion

The best part of working for New Lion is the opportunity to work on multiple projects. Having helped over 100 startups, there is always variety. We’ve done everything from a high-tech body fat calculator, to an app that helps recovering addicts, all the way to a scrapbook for boomers. The startups we work with are doing amazing things and each project brings its own challenges and engaging problems to solve.

New Lion is a startup-first development, design, and product management consulting firm. We believe that the rate of startup failure is needlessly high and is a solvable problem. Our mission is to provide startups with the technology expertise needed to bring their product idea to life and to give them the best chance at success.  We provide a holistic service to startups and product teams, but we are anchored by five core services, including: Idea Validation, Product Strategy, Product Design, Development and Success.

We are a team of smart and creative people who sincerely care about making the world a better place. If this sounds interesting to you and you believe that you, let’s talk.

Tech Stack

We work with a variety of technologies with the most frequent being:

  • Mobile (iOS / Android) and Web development experience.
  • React Native, React Web, TypeScript and/or other reactive JS technologies.
  • Server-side development experience in Node.Js, Ruby, .Net and/or other server side technologies.
  • Data storage technologies, both SQL, non-SQL, and in-memory technologies.
  • Cloud infrastructure, services, and technologies.


You will note something different about us (a lot actually) starting with: we do not have 2 page job descriptions with 17 bullet wish lists of all the skills we want you to have. We are less interested in what you have done and more interested in what you want to do and what you want to accomplish.

Yes, we do have more information regarding the roles we have listed below. A reminder that we are building a team here at New Lion Labs. Many of us, like you, do not fit in a nice neat box. We have varied skill sets, learn new technologies and evolve.

Software Engineering Technical Lead

· You love and excel at leading dev teams including interviewing and hiring, being a voice of the engineers, point person for technical questions, oversee development, releases, and engineering tasks and make critical technical decisions that could make or break a project

· Some time may be spent interacting with clients

· Yes, you will be spending most of your time coding

Software Architect

· You like to be a bridge between the product and tech teams and non-technical people translating user requirements into technical requirements and will be responsible for communicating technical risks

· Before development starts on large features or new products, you'll own mapping the technology, code, and data.

· After developers have started writing code, you'll review their code to make sure it is meeting the user requirements.

Software Engineer

· Whether you be more versed in front or back end you want to become a more full stack developer

· Develop and support mobile and web apps for startups and other clients with well-structured, readable, maintainable, and scalable code that is well tested before being put in front of the client.

· Set up cloud infrastructure for apps/sites requiring backend/server support.

· Deploy code to production and the app store.

Product Manager

· You love working with clients to clarify product vision and strategy

· You will are well skilled in all areas of the product: strategy, releases, ideation and features

· You like to be a champion for your client and can clearly articulate the business value to the internal product team so they understand the intent behind the new product or product release.

Designer (INFO COMING)

Business Analyst (INFO COMING)

Contractors and Consultants

A couple of times a year we reach out to friends in the tech community when we need a hand. If you would like us to reach out to you if/when that time comes… say hello.

Apply… show your interest or just say hello

You’ve likely figured out by now, we are not like everyone else. When you “Contact Us” we’ll take any/all of the following: resume, LinkedIn url, portfolio and GitHub link. Don’t feel like your email needs to be formal… be yourself.

What you’ll receive:

  • A work/life balance. Really.
  • Compensation: is based on your skills, ability to grow and your contribution to the team. We not only want you to come here… we want you to stay.
  • Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision, Retirement (with company match), Paid Time Off
  • Our office is located in WeWork Uptown, Minneapolis, MN.


If yes, you can apply directly at New Lion Labs "Contact Us" or send me a note at and include any of the following and I will do an introduction for you: summary, resume, links to LinkedIn or GitHub.

If not, click => “Say Hello” and introduce yourself to me and we can talk about what you are looking for.


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