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Foundry seeks good people who also happen to be seasoned full-stack developers (plural, tell your friends). Expertise in modern Javascript technologies is a must. This role requires deep technical knowledge, as well as the ability – and drive – to lead technical efforts, interact professionally with clients, and independently make decisions that improve the digital products we create with our clients.

The growing list of technologies we use include (but are not limited to): Ruby/Rails, Java, Spring, Postgres, Sass, HTML, Javascript, React, React Native, Node, Python.


Minimum three years professional software development experience.

Who we are

Foundry creates digital products with sincere empathy for the people who’ll use them. We look for ever-curious lifelong learners to add their talents to our team. Our clients bring us real-world problems to solve, not lists of requirements to implement. We dig into their goals and culture, asking lots of questions until we know we’re proposing just the right solution. Then we make it happen, pretty fast. We help our clients make beautiful, impactful, elegant, well-conceived custom software.

We don’t do staff augmentation, except in reverse when our clients come work and collaborate with us. We tend not to work remote, but when life happens – take care of it, family first. We keep sane hours and enjoy the occasional happy hour, but mostly we just work hard/smart from 9ish to 5ish and then we go home – or out to play.

Our company culture revolves around creative problem solving, collaborative thinking, and hard work mixed with an appropriate dose of irreverence. We take our work seriously but insist on having some serious fun while doing it. Silliness often occurs, yet stuff still gets done, well.

We define and design all that we make, always taking those steps in that deliberate order. Everything Foundry produces is crafted with attention-to-detail by people who genuinely care about creating positive outcomes and real impact. We’re dedicated to partnering with companies in the business of doing good. We earn our clients’ trust us to turn their vision into something amazing. 

Enough about us, more about you

Your responsibilities

  • Software development, both front-end and back-end

  • Working directly with clients

  • Contributing to business analysis and user experience design efforts

  • Influencing internal development tools and process improvement efforts

  • Providing leadership and direction

Expectations for you

As a small, agile company, we expect developers to jump in and take an assertive role, sometimes as a technical lead and always in support of the team. You’ll build some really cool stuff, including your mastery of skills, your career – yourself.


If yes, you can apply directly at Foundry Careers or send me a note at and include any of the following and I will do an introduction for you: summary, resume, links to LinkedIn or GitHub.

If not, click => “Say Hello” and introduce yourself to me and we can talk about what you are looking for.


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