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ADX Labs is a $100M global holding group of 6 (and growing) technology companies headquartered in Downtown Minneapolis and we are looking for our first Director of IT. This is not your typical IT role. We’re different… very different. You will be doing enterprise type work in a startup like culture:

  • We don’t necessarily do 8-hour days and we don’t punch a clock

  • If you think the words governance, audit, accountability, structure, systems and controls are sexy you’ll be interested in us and this role.

  • If you want to play with a green field, build something from the ground up, love challenges, be challenged and challenge others you will find a home here.

  • If you want to be micro managed, told what to do and follow a plan… this is not for you. We barely have a plan. We want to give you the tools, support and time to create it.

  • We are a curious bunch, we can admit when we don’t know something and are empowered to go figure it out.

  • A bonus for us would be if you have helped a company go public and/or worked at a publicly held company.

Now let’s get into the role and please note… if you do not have all the background we have listed below but are close, highly interested in learning more about who we are and what we do and are considering making a job change now we want to speak with you.


The Director of IT (“Director”) position is a senior level management position for ADX (the “Company”). The Director reports directly to the Company’s Chief Financial Officer / Controller (the “CFO”). The Director oversees the Company’s information technology environment, including the IT infrastructure and applications evolution. The Director must ensure that the IT framework of ADX is reliable, secure, cost efficient and strategically sound, with a design that enables change, compliance, growth and flexibility. All within a strong control environment that enables ADX to have excellent controls over financial reporting consistent with that of a public company.

Primary duties include the leadership over the assessment of existing controls, particularly in the change management and access areas, with the follow on development and implementation of an appropriate and well-designed IT and systems infrastructure that will allow the company to have a strong control environment. Such an environment will need to be well documented and the Director will need to lead initiatives that will enable ADX’s IT environment to provide a basis that the internal controls over financial reporting are functioning appropriately.

Additionally, the Director will manage ADX’s global systems ensuring quality and consistent delivery with application operational stability, data quality and security, with minimal downtime. The Director must ensure with management that all relevant IT functions and processes are compliant with various rules and regulations, including privacy and cybersecurity measures. Developing appropriate IT policies and procedures on a basis for ensuring consistentcy in standards and leveraging of common systems is also a key duty. The Director shall also ensure that disaster recovery plans are fully established and functional, and that system migrations and upgrades are implemented successfully. The postion is responsible for preventing any data integrity issues, loss of of processing capability, unauthorized system changes or access, and poor service levels. The Director will monitor and communicate key performance indicators and measure results to ensure program and project objectives are met.

This position will also engage with others in management as to the successful completion of various audits by coordinating external auditors in their activities and the information needs, as well as perform various internal reviews of ADX’s IT processes and data. The Director will coordinate with others in management to design an effective and efficient framework of internal controls for the organization and will assist other ADX employees in ensuring that the Company’s internal controls over financial reporting are functioning appropriately.

The Director is expected to identify and analyze potential risks to and opportunities for the Company’s operations and their efficiency, particularly in the IT infrastructure as well as risks that may impact the financial reporting controls. The Director must be able to handle sensitive information on a confidential basis and interact / manage well with external advisors and professionals. The position will require interface with many different external and internal people, as well as managing several internal personnel and the Director must successfully maintain excellent working relationships with such individuals.

The Director must be detail oriented with a solid ability to multi-task and handle numerous pending items. The position requires exceptional judgment and the ability to prioritize and to work effectively with all levels of management while maintaining an independent mind-set.

Leading, developing and implementing IT initiatives that enable ADX to compete more vigorously in a constantly changing and demanding marketplace is a key attribute of his position; as are:

  • Be a critical voice in the operating tea, driving cross-functional collaboration

  • Develop plans and budgets considering internal resources, assess the need of external resources, and evaluate projects / IT infrastructure while ensuring the maximum use of available tools and long-term supportability of the IT architecture

  • Ensure that the IT infrastructure is successfully exploited to achieve continuous improvement and competitive advantage by identifying needs all the while developing and providing appropriate training and support for all user

  • Establish and measure IT performance relative to cost, value creation and customer satisfaction in the key areas of operating systems, telecommunications, network management and desktop / portable device support


The Director should have a minimum of eight years of IT management experience, particularly within a global and distributed user / customer environment. The Director must also have sufficient general management experience and the ability to clearly, concisely and timely communicate (verbally and in writing) with management and the board of directors. The Director requires a solid comprehension of information technology systems including IT operations and development management, system reconfiguration and implementation, IT architecture structure, supervision of internal and external resources, setting IT standards and policies, and a strong ability to ensure data integrity and compliance.


  • Experience with multiple software development methodologies and an understanding of the full software development life cycle,

  • Experience managing and interacting with diverse, global teams distributed across multiple time zones with various cultural norms,

  • Knowledge and experience in planning, developing, implementing and supporting IT systems in a corporate environment, especially in a public company situation,

  • Ability to establish immediate executive credibility at all levels, both internally and externally,

  • Verifiable track record of effective leadership including strong strategic thought and successful execution with technical and intellectual resources,

  • Ability to quickly grasp and manage an IT infrastructure in a fast-paced, complex and widely distributed organization,

  • Skilled at presenting the IT environment, plans and status to various levels of management and external professionals, along with challenges and opportunities,

  • Have earned the appropriate educational levels and certificates,

  • Be able to communicate with accounting / finance team within the context of the ADX’s internal controls over financial reporting as appropriate.


If yes, send me a note at [email protected] and include any of the following for you: summary, bio, resume, links to LinkedIn, etc.

If not, click => “Say Hello” and introduce yourself to me and we can talk about what you are looking for.


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