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Director of IT

ADX Labs


ADX Labs is a $100M global holding group of 6 (and growing) technology companies headquartered in Downtown Minneapolis and we are looking for our first Director of IT. This is not your typical IT role. We’re different… very different. You will be doing enterprise type work in a startup like culture:

  • We don’t necessarily do 8-hour days and we don’t punch a clock

  • If you think the words governance, audit, accountability, structure, systems and controls are sexy you’ll be interested in us and this role.

  • If you want to play with a green field, build something from the ground up, love challenges, be challenged and challenge others you will find a home here.

  • If you want to be micro managed, told what to do and follow a plan… this is not for you. We barely have a plan. We want to give you the tools, support and time to create it.

  • We are a curious bunch, we can admit when we don’t know something and are empowered to go figure it out.

  • A bonus for us would be if you have helped a company go public and/or worked at a publicly held company.

Now let’s get into the role and please note… if you do not have all the background we have listed below but are close, highly interested in learning more about who we are and what we do and are considering making a job change now we want to speak with you.


The Director of IT (“Director”) position is a senior level management position for ADX (the “Company”). The Director reports directly to the Company’s Chief Financial Officer / Controller (the “CFO”). The Director oversees the Company’s information technology environment, including the IT infrastructure and applications evolution. The Director must ensure that the IT framework of ADX is reliable, secure, cost efficient and strategically sound, with a design that enables change, compliance, growth and flexibility. All within a strong control environment that enables ADX to have excellent controls over financial reporting consistent with that of a public company.

Primary duties include the leadership over the assessment of existing controls, particularly in the change management and access areas, with the follow on development and implementation of an appropriate and well-designed IT and systems infrastructure that will allow the company to have a strong control environment. Such an environment will need to be well documented and the Director will need to lead initiatives that will enable ADX’s IT environment to provide a basis that the internal controls over financial reporting are functioning appropriately.

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