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Pollywog (code-name for a top-secret project) is a venture-backed, predictive analytics team on a mission to help organizations and their people unlock their full potential. We believe success is built aligning personal ambitions for growth with the ambitions of the business.

What We're Building

A predictive analytics tool for workforce planning.

Organizations succeed when they unlock the potential of their people. Potential is realized when people are learning through practice, know the value of their impact, believe there is a path forward and can align personal ambitions with the ambitions of the business.

However, change is inevitable and constant. The skills needed to have impact today, will most certainly change tomorrow. Organizations need a way to understand and embraced those changes in order to empower their employees to focus their development in the right places that will return the best results and position the organization for the future.

We believe that by understanding business needs now and in the future and proactively aligning talent with those needs, employees remain engaged and valued allowing both the business and the individuals to realize their full potential.

We are looking for:
We’re looking for a software engineer to share in the responsibility of building out the foundational User Interface elements of a web-based system used for planning, process workflow, and business intelligence. The perfect addition to our team is energized by the idea of building something new and committed to embracing everything that comes along with it. Most of all, we hope to find someone who loves learning and challenging themselves and others to improve every day.

We like to think we’re open-minded about tech stack but you’ll be in good company if you dig what Google has built with Material Design, Facebook with React, and other great open source frameworks and libraries such as Redux, Sagas, and Next.js. We like to stand on the shoulders of giants, but we’re not just chasing the most popular technology. It’s important to us that the team appreciates best practices, but takes a pragmatic approach and moves fast.

If all this sounds good, we’ll ask you to help build an intuitive and low-friction user experience that keeps pace with fast-growing businesses and data visualization that clearly tells the stories around business insights. You will build reusable components and front-end libraries translating designs and wireframes into high-quality code.

You’ll work alongside our Lead Engineer/Architect on a small team in an Agile development methodology, defining user stories, implementing development tasks, completing code reviews and unit tests, and documenting your work

The impact you’ll make:
* Influence product strategy, architecture, technology stack, development process, and operations as part of the core product team.
* Share and expand your knowledge and experience exchanging best practices and key learnings with our team.
* Contribute to a culture that values quality, user-experience, business impact, and product value.
* Influence and support the integration of relevant new technologies.
* Help the world's’ best organizations evolve and grow by developing their talent and positioning people to succeed.

Minimum Qualifications:
* Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and the JavaScript object model.
* Thorough understanding of React.js and its core principles.
* Experience with popular React.js unidirectional flow libraries (such as Flux or Redux).
* Familiarity with RESTful APIs or GraphQL
* Comfort with reading and writing CSS
* Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements.
* General understanding of Test Driven Development and experience unit testing with Jest or similar client-side testing frameworks.
* General understanding of development operations.

Preferred Qualifications:
* Firm understanding of ES6, TypeScript, or Dart fundamentals.
* Experience with the Material-UI React Library and translating CSS to JSS.
* A solid foundation in computer science, with competencies in data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented software design.
* Experience developing production level, high data-integrity, and/or highly-scalable code for a commercial application.
* Experience building and using RESTful web services.

Bonus Qualifications:
* Advanced HTML5 and CSS experience
* Experience with Next.js routing and code splitting for production applications.
* Experience using real-time databases such as Firebase, Live Database, Cloud Messaging, etc.
* Strong understanding of patterns and best practices for Authentication workflows.
* Experience using the Twelve-Factor App methodology.

We hope to offer competitive compensation in salary and potential for equity.



If yes, you can apply directly at Pollywog Jobs or send me a note at [email protected] and include any of the following and I will do an introduction for you: summary, resume, links to LinkedIn or GitHub.

If not, click => “Say Hello” and introduce yourself to me and we can talk about what you are looking for.


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