Full Stack Developer
Director of Product Management

Senior Software Engineer

Full Time Minnesota Tech Job


You’ll be one of the first members of the engineering team and will be influential in the technical direction of the platform as we grow. This is a high responsibility, high autonomy position and you’ll be deploying code to production within the first day or two. You’ll be expected to propose features and functionality as the platform continues to mature. You’ll serve as a mentor to others on the team, which will require strong personal and technical skills.

We believe that product development is more fun when deploying early and often, splitting up work into bite-sized chunks and getting feedback from real users as quickly as possible. We also believe that a single engineer should be empowered to develop a feature from start to finish, and that the technology stack should be simple enough to make that realistic.


  • Design and write well-structured, easily maintainable, and thoroughly tested code

  • Provide mentorship to other members on the team to keep them to help them improve.

  • Lead code reviews to ensure quality and consistency in the codebase and to keep the team aligned

  • Deploy your projects to production frequently and monitor the results to ensure quality and positive outcome

  • Accept feedback from customers and adapt solutions with an eye for usability

  • Work with the rest of the product team to come up with ways to make the product better overall


  • Experience building and supporting web applications in a full-stack capacity

  • Proficiency with Ruby on Rails or Javascript/React, and an interest in getting your hands dirty on both backend and frontend

  • Leadership experience on a technical team

  • A desire to dig into new technologies and learn as you go

  • Bonus: React Native, iOS, Android, ElasticSearch, Google Maps APIs


Why Work Here?
  • Why Dispatch? Because there's no bad seats on a rocket ship!

Dispatch is a technology-based company that is redefining same-day delivery. Whether you need items delivered to a jobsite, don't have time to stop at the store, or simply crave donuts from across town, we bring the world to you. We’re making it easier to buy local and grow the economy you care about--the one in your backyard. But our commitment to community doesn’t stop there; we partner with local businesses and organizations to serve our communities by delivering hope to those in need. Whether it’s bringing items to food shelves or volunteering our time, we’re there to deliver. It’s our chance to leave a mark on the world.

If you would like to speak with me about this send any of the following: summary, resume, links to LinkedIn or GitHub. Heck, I’ll take a good haiku:

Paul DeBettignies
Principal & Evangelist
Minnesota Headhunter, LLC


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