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At Kipsu, we believe that human connections are at the heart of great service. Kipsu is a high growth startup that is redefining how businesses engage their customers using technology. With an impressive list of clients in hospitality, retail, and healthcare, we are pioneering a new category of software tools that allow companies to interact with their customers via real-time digital channels such as text messaging, internet chat, social media and mobile app messaging.

We love the work we do, how we do it, and we’re constantly looking for the right people to contribute their skills and talents to our culture. Currently, we are on the lookout for a Full Stack Software Engineer who wants to join our team and take on the exciting and complex challenges of rapidly growing a software company. At Kipsu, we have built an engineering team that is tight-knit, agile, and embraces talented individuals who take initiative and get out there to make it happen. Sound like the type of culture you would excel in? Yeah, we feel the same way.


  • Early Stage and Rock Solid
    • A rock-solid, high growth, and sustainable early stage company based in Northeast Minneapolis with a large and impressive list of customer partners that includes many of the leading brands in the industries we serve.
  • Growing Like Crazy
    • Expanding rapidly with an energetic “all in” team
  • Building Relationships
    • Solving a meaningful and universal problem — building deeper relationships between customers and the businesses that serve them
  • Always Taking it Up a Notch
    • Looking for motivated go-getters to come aboard and play a key role in helping us take it to the next level
  • One of the Best Places to Work
    • But really! Kipsu is a Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal 2016 Best Places to Work Award winner



  • Is proficient in full stack development and has experience writing scalable object-oriented code
  • Wants to work together as part of a high energy, high achieving team
  • Has a demonstrated history of working on projects outside of school or work (show us!)
  • Wants to hit the ground running, contributing to projects in areas like real-time communication, data analysis, user experience, API and SDK development, cloud infrastructure and beyond


  • Building modern web applications with Javascript and current frameworks like Angular, Backbone. or Knockout
  • Working in a solid, scalable backend codebase by applying object-oriented principles using PHP, Node.js, Java, Go, or other languages and frameworks
  • Utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) or other cloud computing platforms
  • Building native mobile applications for iOS or Android



  • Design and build innovative new product features, enhancements, subsystems, and microservices as part of a rapidly evolving codebase
  • Find new frameworks, tools, technologies and practices, and put them to work to solve interesting problems
  • Collaborate with a motivated team of peers on software design and code review to ensure that the team is always putting out the best product (and code) possible
  • Work with individuals outside of engineering to develop new products and features that help our clients effortlessly communicate with their customers

In addition to the opportunity to be a key part of a small, focused team at a successful and rapidly growing startup, we offer competitive salary and benefits, a spot in our Northeast Minneapolis office space, and the freedom to, as we like to say, move the needle.

We know we’re not one of the large tech companies (not yet, anyway), but we like it that way. Right now, our currency is opportunity and we’ve got it in spades. If you’re looking to hone your skills and learn a whole host of new ones while playing a critical role on a team of high performers who love what they do, then we’d like to meet you.


What is the one skill that a Full Stack Engineer needs to succeed?

  • Tell us about a specific experience that informs your answer.

How has your past work set you up to excel as a Full Stack Engineer at Kipsu?

  • We want to hear all about the amazing things you’ve built, your successes and your failures. (Don’t forget to include links to your GitHub or past projects)

Kipsu is committed to seeking and sustaining a culturally and ethnically diverse work environment, and to the principles that promote inclusive practices.

Show us how you can help us get to the next level by sending your resume, cover letter, and answers to the following questions to


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