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Kidizen is a fast-growing mobile software company that connects moms to share, shop, and sell kid style. While our marketplace is a major part of our business, it pales in comparison to the vibrant community of smart, stylish, and influential moms that power Kidizen. Sharing is key and is at the core of our culture and brand values. If this resonates with you, keep reading.

We’re looking to add an engineer to our team! This is a full-time role located in Minneapolis. We’re excited to work with you, and the things you work on will impact hundreds of thousands of users all across the country.

A little about the position...

Besides building software, your job is to make an undeniably positive impact on our company, our culture, our product, and, most importantly, our customers. As long as you make your best effort and you love to learn, we will do everything we can to support you and help you do the best work of your life.

Right now, we have an immediate need for engineers with strengths in at least one of the following: Ruby on Rails, Android, Java or iOS. However, even if you aren’t proficient in those technologies but are a great engineer, have both backend and frontend experience, and are a quick learner, let’s chat.

Engineers at Kidizen will develop in multiple technologies. Though you may start developing in one area, you’ll eventually learn and contribute to development of our iOS app, Android app, Rails backend and anything else that pops up as we grow. We are not looking for someone who’s already an expert in everything they do. We’re looking for someone great who demonstrates the interest, drive, and desire to keep learning new things and continually get better.

Some things you may work on at Kidizen include our native iOS and Android apps, Rails API development, real-time messaging, DevOps, web applications, bots, search, graph databases, distributed systems, and scaling our architecture.

Working as an engineer at Kidizen is a unique opportunity. We have a small team, so you won’t be one of dozens. You’ll be one of a few, so your impact will be felt inside and outside the company. You’ll be working on a product that is used by hundreds of thousands of people at a company that is growing at rocket speeds. You will help drive us in new directions. You’ll help us see things we haven’t seen before, consider things we’ve never considered before, and bring fresh perspective to our team.

A little about you...

You’re an experienced engineer.
Experience is not measured in the number of years you’ve sat at a desk but rather in the breadth, complexity and quality of what you’ve built. As an experienced engineer, you can identify premature optimization. You know how to measure your software’s performance and review it regularly. You understand when it is time to refactor and evolve software architecture and when it’s not. Though you know how to build the rocket, you know that many times, all you need is a bike.

You care about the customer.
You are proud of your attention to detail and exceedingly aware of how what you’re building will be used. Currently, we have no need for skills in music, martial arts or magic, so rock stars, ninjas and wizards need not apply. We’re looking for real engineers who are passionate about solving problems for real humans.

You strive for simplicity.
You know there are no points for clever. Whether you’re using a product or designing software, you often think of ways to make it simpler. You and Occam would be friends.

You get things done.
Everyone says they’re a team player, but you’re a legit team player. “Not my job” is not in your vocabulary. You’re the one who steps up to the plate and you are not afraid to get your hands dirty. You set your own goals and meet them.

Finding talented engineers like you is an ongoing effort so even if you are not available now, we’d still love to hear from you!

If you would like to speak with me about this send any of the following: summary, resume, links to LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow. Heck, I’ll take a good haiku:

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