You Say You Are A Social Media Expert Or Guru. OK, Prove It

I swear (it seems literally and often lately) that if I see one more self professed Expert or Guru I am going to spontaneously combust. Which is to say, this would be me last Will and Testament because no doubt by the time I finish typing this I will have two new Guru followers.

So here goes... if you are such a person I hope you have a track record. You better be able to show some results.

Why? Besides the obvious your competition is now FIERCE:

Social Media Gurus And Experts

Self-Proclaimed Social Media Gurus on Twitter Multiplying Like Rabbits and the above graph are from a few weeks back about the crazy number of Social Media Experts and Social Media Gurus on Twitter and the exponential growth in the use of such terms. I used to think that an expert was in the top 5% or 2% of their industry.

Wow, we are so blessed to have so many talented people amongst us. (read with sarcasm)

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Why Do You Follow Me On Twitter And My 2 Year Anniversary

2 years ago today I started on Twitter with @MNHeadhunter. It was my 3rd shot at Twitter and not until my buddy Katie Tierney @txaggie94 set me straight did I figure out why it might matter to me. So if you like me thank her and if you find me annoying, it’s all her fault :)

I have met a lot of people who have turned into dear friends, made placements, been invited to speak and lots of other cool things because of my sharing, collaborating and listening on Twitter.

Rather than talk about the successes I would like to evaluate my activity and since I am a “one man band” without a yearly review (other than looking at the business bottom line) I am asking you my Twitter followers the following questions:

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Top 20 2009 Traffic Sources For The MN Headhunter Blog

I do not pay much “micro” attention to blog statistics but I do watch the bigger trends. Another recruiter blogger and I are sharing statistics with each other to get a sense of what each other are doing. I will share some of that (my statistics) over the coming weeks.

According to Google Analytics here “All Traffic Sources” of the 52,813 visits to the MN Headhunter Blog in 2009:

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Rant: Twitter And TweetDeck Become Less User Friendly

I am a HUGE fan of Twitter and I am a huge fan of TweetDeck. I am a big fan of the new Twitter Lists and have started putting together some really good lists like Minnesota News, Career and All Stars. I did this post a few weeks ago Twitter Lists As A Networking Tool.

But there is a huge flaw in this and if by chance someone from Twitter or TweetDeck is catching this please help me out. And by the way, I have tried other ways of getting their attention but now I am frustrated so this blog post is what they get.

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Paul DeBettignies Quoted In Minneapolis StarTribune Article “Job Searches Get Tweeter”

I am learning first hand a point that is made in this Minneapolis StarTribune career article, you never know who is watching your online activity and in this case my Twitter stream.

(I have added links…)

Job Searches Get Tweeter

Twitter is a 140-character blogging tool that serves as a firehose of information to your desktop or smartphone. Among the valuable information you can get: job postings and tools to keep you up to date and in the know.

By Laura French, Star Tribune Sales and Marketing

November 30, 2009

Twitter allows users to create a free account, then send and receive 140 word "tweets" on almost any topic - including job-hunting.

The Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota devoted their 2009 conference in October to "Social Media and HR."

Paul DeBettignies, a Twin Cities social media expert and IT recruiter, was a presenter at the conference. He sent these "tweets" from his @MNHeadHunter Twitter account:

  • 72 percent of companies plan to invest more in recruiting through social networks.
  • Ameriprise has created an Interactive Recruiting position.
  • The "main takeaway" is "get involved now or get left behind."

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Twitter Lists As A Networking Tool

One of the most frequent questions I get from (new) users of Twitter is who I should I follow. A great question and I would usually forward them to a directory like Twellow (for categories and/or location) or Twitterholic (for location and number of followers). There are lots of Twitter apps for this but they are for me the easiest to use and describe and they can get immediate results.

But Twitter rolled out Twitter Lists and it has become my new best friend of the moment. Rather than go through the many, many followers of someone I like, respect, follow, or find interesting to see who they follow I can take a bit of a shortcut and see who of their followers they are listing. Sure they have missed some cool folks to add to a list but I will rely on them to point out their favorites.

Here are some examples of Twitter Lists (click photo to enlarge):

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Increase Relevant Traffic To Your Career Site w/ Content Re-purposing

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Nicole Bodem Chief SEO Geek for Arbita

One of the biggest challenges with blogs is coming up with new and fresh content on a regular basis and you are not alone, note the date on my last blog post. It’s especially challenging in this economy where resources are completely tapped.

One solution is to use a resource called The Recruiting blogswap. The Recruiting Blogswap is a FREE service of job board,, but is used by an international collection of job boards, recruiting blogs, and other career sites.

How it Works:

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Twitter Is A Silver Bullet: Do You Know Anyone Who Has Said That?

I need some help. Do you know of any articles, podcasts, blog posts, etc where a truly knowledgeable, experienced and practicing professional in any industry has said Twitter is the end all?

Here is why I ask. I am doing research for an article I am writing and a well known Recruiter/HR guy is poo pooing the use of Twitter and Social Networking sites in general. And he keeps talking about how people are talking about Twitter as the end all of recruiting much like people spoke about and the job boards in the late 90’s.

The thing is I cannot find who this person’s sources are.

Sure a lot of folks are talking about this revolutionary new tool (memo, Twitter has been around a while) and how it can help companies, marketers and yes recruiters get their message out and find people to “sell” but I have not seen anyone say it is the end all.

Can you point me to any credible person in or outside of the Recruiter/HR world who says Twitter will change the axis of our planet?

Rant: So You Have 10,000+ Twitter Followers, F’ing Great

OK, I promise that before typing this I have counted to 10. And I am not blogging angry. Yes someone in perceived “authority” tweaked me today while selling their training materials.

For anyone new to the social media craze, are impressed by numbers or are doing reference checks on a speaker/consultant/guru/expert the number of followers one has does, the number itself, does not mean anything.

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Social Media Capital: Are You Running A Surplus Or A Deficit?

This post is created out of two events that occurred in the last 45 minutes and rather than think about it, wonder what it means or trying to create a really smart post I am going to write and post and other than a grammar/spell check making no edits.

To the last part of the title CNBC is buzzing the past day or so about how the government has said the deficit has increased by 2 more trillion dollars than first estimated. Yikes.

To the first part of the title, a guy I sort of know is a recruiter and sends me an email asking why his job post tweets are getting little traffic and worse why his follower numbers are decreasing.

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Validating Guru And Expert Status

I have been on a near constant rant about all the self proclaimed gurus and experts that popped up since, well shockingly enough since the recession started. Add on to that the ability to more easily self promote via Twitter and Facebook and it may be difficult at times to figure out who is as good as they say they are.

I was asked by a professional group if I had heard of a “guru” and I said no but that also did not mean they were not one. I frequently miss names in a conversation (but I can remember most things about them) so sometimes 2+2 does not = 4 until I stop and think about it.

Once I put 2 and 2 together I was fairly sure this was one of the newly minted “gurus” who was talking a good game but could not back it up let alone at the price quoted.

So I set out to research the Internet and see what I could find.

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Twitter, LiveJournal And Facebook Down? Sending A Smoke Signal

9 AM ORIGINAL POST (see updates below you may have seen on Twitter if it was working)

OH NO!!!

This is just a short funny post while I wonder what all of my social networking addicted friends are doing without their favorite sites.

I have no idea what someone had for breakfast. Or how rush hour traffic is. Worse, I just realized that I do not have an email address (yeah I know I can get it through a Google search) for a reporter I have been “speaking” with.

Or now I may have to fire up my RSS Reader and see news I would for the most part get through friends on Twitter linking to them.

Damn, what I am I going to do with my time now? Uhh, work. Like usual.

The immediacy of the social network sites makes writing a blog post feel like sending a smoke signal or the Pony Express.

What will be really funny is all the folks going back to Twitter talking about how Twitter failed and then all those messages crashing the system.

Or maybe this is an “attack” on social network sites in general. Could the Internet be down?

As my Grandma would say, “Uff Da”.

9:10 AM

  • I took a shower (not really, I mean I did, but I have never said such a thing on Twitter. Feels OK to do it here)

9:14 AM

  • This feels like a Jericho episode

9:16 AM

9:20 AM

  • Facebook is not so much down as not working right or consistent

9:47 AM

  • It gets awkwardly quiet when the construction guys get their mid morning break

9:49 AM

  • Yesterday I passed 600 subscribers to the RSS Feed. Thank you for your interest and support

9:52 AM

9:59 AM

  • CNBC runs a “News Alert” that Twitter is down. Whew, glad they are on top of this (said sarcastically)

10:06 AM

  • TweetDeck is showing some Tweets but the Twitter site is not
  • Seeing some wide estimates for tomorrow’s job numbers

10:24 AM

  • Whew, it seems as if the social networking world is coming back to normal

LinkedIn Is Not A Social Networking Site

I know a number of people are going to disagree with me on this but read on and then tell me what you think.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site.

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and the rest are social networking sites.

Sure LinkedIn has some of the features of other sites like:

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Who To Follow In Minneapolis On Twitter

UPDATED: I should have titled this How To Find People To Follow...

I get this question regularly from new users to Twitter. I don’t put a lot of weight on the rankings on these lists (including my appearance on them) but they are a good place to start.

Note that you see Minneapolis and not St. Paul or Twin Cities. Most directories recognize Minneapolis as “the city” when they mean both. Some folks in St. Paul are being creative and in their Bio saying, “St. Paul not Minneapolis” and are getting listed in the Minneapolis directories.

To my friends across the river, no I am not trying to be a snob. I am just going with the crowd:

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