Woman Fired On Twitter After A Tweet

What seems like an annual post… someone said something on Twitter and was fired.

This time they were actually fired in a Twitter post.

Here’s how this one goes…

A girl in Mansfield, Texas posts this Tweet the night before her first day at a pizza joint:

Fired On Twitter

An employee sees it and lets the owner know who replies with:

Fired on Twitter

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Paul DeBettignies Speaking At Social Media Breakfast: Personal Branding

Paul DeBettignies Speaker, Minnesota Recruiter

I am already thinking about a presentation I am going to be doing six weeks from now… a record for me. THAT’S how much I am looking forward to this one.

June 23rd I will be making my 5th appearance at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul… a group that is very near and dear to me.

Flashback many (Internet) years when I stumbled across the group because of Twitter. My 1st event was their 3rd and of the 66 events I am sure I have attended (in person or through the online stream) at least 50 of them.

This is where I found folks like me who were trying to figure out the social media stuff. Back when my Recruiter and HR folks said LinkedIn would not last, Twitter was a joke and writing the blog was a waste of time.

But I had a home at SMBMSP… those were (and still are) my people.

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HELP… My Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

No, my account has not been hacked.


The last few days I have seen this posted a lot and been inundated with Direct Message Spam from those who clearly do not know how to button down their Twitter account.

I have received a bunch of messages like:

I recommend to visit this (LINK)

Hi! I advise this site (LINK)

If you would like a outstanding way to earn an income read this (LINK) its super simple

Recommend (LINK)

Most folks think they have been “hacked”. As in someone stole their password.

This usually is not the case.

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4 Strategies For Strengthening Your Budding Online Reputation

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

If you’re new to the world of personal branding, you may think that simply having an online identity boosts your brand.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, having the wrong information posted online could hurt your brand considerably.

Building an online reputation—one you can be proud of—is not always as easy, especially if someone out there has your name and is competing (knowingly or unknowingly) for the number one spot in search engines.  That’s why you need strategies to help strengthen your budding online reputation.

1. Increase your professional volume: One way to strengthen your online reputation is by ensuring that there is more content online about you.  But not just any content; you want professional content.  This can be accomplished by enhancing your relevance.

2. Enhance your relevance: To enhance your relevance means that you not only create online profiles, blogs, and write guest posts that improve your professional presence but also eliminate any unflattering words, photos, or videos of you.  In other words, you want all information posted about you online to be positive and professional.

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LinkedIn Is A Great Tool, But I Am Not Buying The IPO Hype

Let me be clear about this:

- I am a HUGE fan of LinkedIn. It is a great tool for recruiters, job seekers and those (which should be everyone) who are looking to maintain their professional network.

- I am not a stock analyst nor should you take financial advice from me

- I am a HUGE fan of social networking and social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc

- I have had a paid subscription to LinkedIn for as best I can remember two years.

- I am a client of Monster.com

OK, I needed to get all of that out for these next thoughts starting with:

I call BS on the hype of the LinkedIn IPO.

Yes, this is a good company, in a niche that it mostly owns, with a revenue stream that provides good value to its customers.

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Why Banning Social Media At Work Is Silly

These are just some quick observations and not meant to be any sort of thought piece…

Why do companies limit access to Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Some response I frequently see:

- Afraid of what employees will say, give out secrets

    • Can’t they do that when they get home?
    • If this truly is a fear, how did they make it through the interview and screening process. Why were they hired?

- Worried about time spent on the sites

    • OK, so I assume that their employees are only working a 40 hour week and weekends are completely free from work. If not, being able to send quick messages to family and friends seems reasonable.


This just in… most cell phones can access these sites.

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Social Media – Friend Or Foe For Recruiters? | Presentation

11-4-26 Minnesota Recruiting And Staffing Association 001

  11-4-26 Minnesota Recruiting And Staffing Association 005 11-4-26 Minnesota Recruiting And Staffing Association 007

I was asked to do a presentation for the and talk to my colleagues about the use of Social Media in recruiting and if it helps or hurt us:

Here is the description of the event:

It used to be staffing companies and recruiting firms were the only ones with all the information, the "Golden Rolodex" of candidates and companies.  Now our clients and candidates have access to much of the same information.  Social media sites are a great tool but some clients are hiring their own internal recruiters to mine these same sites for candidates. 

So what can we provide that they still need and how do we show our value?  What are companies doing and what could we be doing?  Finding people is easy, it is the information overload we all struggle with and how to best handle that.  Come hear about some simple techniques that you can implement when you get back to the office.

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Who Owns Your LinkedIn And Social Media Profiles?

A reminder before getting started that I am not an attorney, I do not play one online and anything I say here is not legal advice rather the opinions and thoughts of a recruiter and soon to be company owner.

Do you see the storm clouds on the Social Media horizon? HR pros, recruiters and yes marketing, public relations and sales folks should be seeing them for sure.

That storm brewing is over your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts. (links to my profiles)

You own them right?

Not so fast.

If you are using your personal accounts during business hours, doing company business and on company resources (computer and internet) you may be opening yourself up to some issues.

Better stated, your employer may be thinking that they have some claim to your profiles.

While I am specifically thinking about the non competes many recruiters on the search and consulting firm side have to sign we are now seeing policies being put in place for employees of all skill sets.

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Recruiting: Monster vs LinkedIn vs Social Media

The last few weeks (and this happens 2-3 times a year) I have seen increased chatter about what are the best recruiter tools to use and many people pick sides.

And I ask this question: Why?

Usually the folks who pick sides have money in the game:

  • Companies with an earnings report and/or their sales teams

  • Trainers in one tool or another

  • Pundits flapping their jaws and computer keys

This time the sources of the conversation came from:

LinkedIn files for IPO, reveals sales of $161 million (CNN Money.com)

Recruiters Rethink Online Playbook (Wall Street Journal)

Should Monster Be Afraid of Social Networking? (CNBC)

Monster CEO Fires Back (CNBC)

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Not Everyone Wants To Hire An Expert. Is Your Personal Brand Getting In The Way?

I have been sitting on this blog post for some time but a Tweet from my friend Steve Levy has me wanting to hit the publish button.

From @levyrecruits:

People were getting jobs before experts were yapping about brands

Yes they were. They still are and they will in the future too.

All of the gurus and experts at conferences, top selling business books and webinars say that “personal branding” is the key to ones career path.

While I get that finding a job or next consulting gig is decided to a large extent on who you know (knows) and what they know about you this has gone too far.

Too damn far.

Let the mini rant begin...

Ask yourself this, of the people getting hired are they all (most) online? Of course not.

So many profiles and resumes have guru, expert, thought leader, pro, speaker, top ________, jedi, ninja, etc that the coolness has been watered down or worse, cannot be backed up with real experience and results.

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