Survey: Minneapolis-St Paul #1 Best City To Find A Tech Job

Minneapolis Tech Jobs, Minneapolis IT Jobs

ZipRecruiter has a survey that combines their “Best Job Market” and “Opportunity” Indexes with info from PayScale and Zillow that gives a list of The Best 10 Cities To Startup Your Tech Job Search.

Minneapolis comes in at #1:

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

Median Tech Salary: $72,800

Median Home Price: $257,700

Number of Paychecks Needed for a Down Payment: 21

The Twin Cities shouldn’t be thought of as an icy Midwestern outpost dominated by agriculture and manufacturing jobs. In fact, the metro area ranks 12th in the nation for tech workforce participation, according to the latest CompTIA data, with nearly 10% of the all workers in the Twin Cities employed in the tech industry. Minneapolis-St. Paul boasts a diverse array of tech jobs ranging from hot startups to cutting-edge jobs in biotech. It’s also an incredibly livable city, ranking at or above the 80th percentile in our index for health, affordability, and transit.

Other cities in the Top 10:

2. Washington D.C.

3. Albany, NY

4. Omaha, NE

5. Des Moines, IA

6. Pittsburgh, PA

7. Huntsville, AL

8. St. Louis, MO

9. San Francisco, CA

10. Denver, CO

No… we, “…shouldn’t be thought of as an icy Midwestern outpost…” I agree with that. It’s interesting that most every survey mentions our winter. Seriously folks, we need to show there are additional seasons besides winter.

Regarding the survey… I’m not surprised we rank high or #1. When surveys include lifestyle things like, “…account for cost of living, transit, walkability, commute time, and even a health grade.” we are going to do well.

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Survey: Minnesota #6 Top State for Business

CNBC America's Top States For Doing Business

CNBC released their America’s Top States For Doing Business and Minnesota comes in at #6.

Minnesota has done very well in recent years:

  • #3 2017

  • #4 2016

  • #1 2015

  • #15 2013

Here is how we did:

2018 – 2017 – 2016 – 2015 – 2014 – 2013 – Category

#3 – #3 – #2 – #3 – #4 – #3 Quality of Life

#5 – #5 – #9 – #6 – #11 – #18 Technology & Innovation

#5 – #2 – #2 – #2 – #12 – #23 Education

#6 – #10 – #5 – #9 – #5 – #8 Infrastructure

#16 – #16 – #15 – #13 – #30 – #32 Workforce

#17 – #16 – #21 – #23 – #11 – #17 Access to Capital

#18 – #6 – #17 – #5 – #5 – #10 Economy

#28 – #33 – #27 – #23 – #15 – #15 Business Friendliness

#29 – #31 – #27 – #32 – #28 – #34 Cost of Living

#38 – #36 – #35 – #35 – #38 – #39 Cost of Doing Business

I’m curious about the economy category and why we seem to be bouncing up and down. That seems odd to me.

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Survey: Minneapolis #3 U.S. City For Entrepreneurs And Start-Ups in 2018

18 Business.Org Top 10 Cities For Entrepreneurs And has Minneapolis placing #3 on their Top 10 US Cities for Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups in 2018.

Yes… #3.

“Up north, Minneapolis (along with its Twin City, St. Paul) boasts similar population age, education, and overall affordability numbers to Austin, if not quite the same cultural cachet. The real story here is Minneapolis’s start-up growth—a remarkable 121.3%, the highest of our top 10. In contrast to the state’s inexpensive cost of living, Minnesota’s tech pay is almost twice as high as the average state wage.”

That’s a short and sweet highlight of why one should consider doing tech in Minneapolis and St Paul and click for my An Intro To The Minnesota Startup And Tech Scene to learn more about what is going on in Minneapolis, St Paul, Minnesota and the Midwest.

Here is the Top 10:

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. Austin, TX
  3. Minneapolis, MN
  4. San Jose, CA
  5. Columbus, OH
  6. Nashville, TN
  7. Seattle, WA
  8. Boston, MA
  9. Portland, OR
  10. Denver, CO

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Best Places To Work In Minneapolis And St Paul 2018 v3

Top Work Places 2018

The Minneapolis StarTribune released their 2018 Top 150 Workplaces. While that is the top list there are also a bunch of companies that did well:

“These 119 Minnesota employers scored high enough to meet Energage's (formerly Workplace Dynamics) national benchmark as a Top Workplace, although not high enough to crack the Top 150 Workplaces.”

Congratulations to current and former clients Daugherty Business Solutions and When I Work and friends Calabrio, Drip + Leadpages, Field Nation, TempWorks Software and Total Expert.

There is not much overlap between this and the MSP Business Journal list I posted here =>

And of course no overlap with the Top 150 I posted here =>

Like the other lists… this is a solid group of companies so should you find yourself looking for a new place to call your work “home” this is a good place to start.

This list is only alphabetical (not ranked):

ACI Asphalt & Concrete
Alliant Engineering Inc.
Amplifon Americas
Andy's Liquor
Animal Humane Society
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause
Banner Engineering Corp
Bonfe Plumbing, Heating, & Air Service
brightpeak financial

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MSP On Deck Podcast #20: Kyle Coolbroth Co Founder And CEO Of Fueled Collective

MSP On Deck

In this episode we have a guest… Kyle Coolbroth (@kcoolbroth), Cofounder and CEO of Fueled Collective (formerly CoCo).

We start with Kathy asking our thoughts on the Structural $2.5M funding announcement. Casey talks about the leadership team and I talk about what they are working on. Kyle talks about Scott Burns, Structural CEO, and I was not aware that Structural was originally at Fueled Collective (then CoCo). We’re bullish on Structural.

Kyle talks about Osborne370 and what it means to St Paul and the tech and business community.

That leads us into a St Paul conversation and what is going on there with properties and commercial real estate. And some issues St Paul has.

We transition to talking about CoCo (now Fueled Collective) started.

Kathy asks what might be the best, funniest question ever on our podcast… what is the Fueled Collective “community adjusted EBITDA” referring to the recent WeWork news.

That gets us into talking about the impact WeWork has had on coworking. Kyle gives us his and some industry insight on WeWork.

We talk about the tech companies, startups and large companies that have been in the Fueled Collective space. Thankfully Kyle made a list:

  • Tech: Structural, Leadpages, Jamf, phData, Particle, Players Health, SportsEngine, Kidizen, Kidblog, Kipsu, HomeSpotter, Mobiata, NativeX, Work Out Loud, Zipnosis, Apruve, Vugo, Docalytics & 8th Bridge

  • Enterprise: Google, 3M

  • Revolution Capital

  • And some non profits

Casey asks about how and why enterprise companies are getting involved in coworking spaces.

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Best Places To Work In Minneapolis And St Paul 2018 v2

Minneapolis StarTribune Top Workplace

The Minneapolis StarTribune released their 2018 Top 150 Workplaces.

Congratulations to friends Kipsu, Reeher, sdg, SportsEngine, Code42 Software and C.H. Robinson.

There is not much overlap between this and the MSP Business Journal list I posted here => Best Places To Work In Minneapolis And St Paul 2018 v1.

Like that list, this is a solid group of companies so should you find yourself looking for a new place to call your work “home” this is a good place to start.


1 Kipsu Inc.
2 Gentle Transitions
3 Serenity Couture Salon & Spa
4 Brighton Home Health and Hospice
5 Relationship One
6 Valley Rehabilitation Services
7 Pioneer Bank
8 Ovative/group
9 Success Computer Consulting
10 J.L. Buchanan
11 Intertech Inc.

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Best Places To Work In Minneapolis And St Paul 2018 v1

MSP Business Journal Best Places To Work 2018

Minneapolis and St Paul Business Journal released their 2018 2018 Best Places to Work.

Congratulations to current and former clients Livefront, phData and friends Structural and Clockwork.

This is a solid list of companies so should you find yourself looking for a new place to call your work “home” this is a good place to start.

Extra Small

  • Advent Group
  • AIM Consulting Minneapolis
  • Ambrion
  • Beehive Strategic Communication
  • Celarity
  • CureIS Healthcare Inc.
  • Demand Chain Systems
  • Hallett Financial Group
  • Harbinger Partners
  • Livefront
  • Media Bridge Advertising
  • Medical Alley Association
  • Modern Foundation
  • Newmark Knight Frank
  • Quotacy Inc.
  • StoryTeller Media + Communications
  • Structural
  • Structure Tech
  • SuperClean Brands
  • Supreme Lending

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Minnesota Morning: Recruiter Jobs, Foundry And Arthur Ventures Partner, Minnesota May Jobs Report And Flipgrid Acquired By Microsoft

I haven’t posted one of these in a while (and started writing this last Friday)… mostly because it seems so many things are moving so fast (not necessarily a good thing) I’m not keeping up. I have also noticed the number of updates on @MNHeadhunter and LinkedIn have declined. I’ll be working on that.

Maybe it’s also in part because we went from winter to summer in a few weeks and I have been doing my best to enjoy it. And the dock was finally installed last week so no longer shore fishing. I am hoping to find some bigger fish than the past couple of weeks. Some photos are below.

Minnesota Recruiter Jobs

I started Minnesota Headhunter in 2005 as a way to get things out of my head, share some news and create some conversations. Jan 1 0f 2008 I started posting Minnesota Recruiter Jobs as a way to better network the local recruiting community. Since then I have posted 1,271 recruiter jobs.

Over the years there are some trends I have noticed about the time of year when recruiter jobs are posted and then 6 months or so later there is an uptick in hiring. Also, when recruiter jobs lag then one sees a slow down in hiring. Of course at the beginning of every calendar year there is a spike. The past 2 years I have had 30 jobs posted around the New Year. That number has always dropped to the low 20’s by the end of Q1.

This year it happened again but this time… the numbers have continued to increase. I blew by the 40 number for the first time 6 weeks ago. Last week I went over the 50 mark and stayed above it this week.

While there have been a number of economic surveys predicting a slow down or recession in 2020 there is little sign of it right now in the Minneapolis and St Paul jobs scene.


Foundry and Arthur Ventures Partner

Yesterday this was posted on the Foundry Group blog, Our Investment in Arthur Ventures including:

“We’re excited to have partnered with the Arthur Ventures team to get more exposure to companies outside Silicon Valley as we are big believers that incredible companies can be built anywhere.”

I am a big fan of Patrick Meenan and the team at Arthur Ventures and have been fortunate to work with a couple of their funded companies. They do a great job supporting their portfolio. Their partnering with Foundry is a big win for all.

Minnesota May Jobs Report

I have not mentioned a monthly jobs report in a long time. This one catches my eye for a couple of reasons… as we get closer (or are already at) to “full employment” I am wondering what types of jobs are being filled and at what compensation. And the second part is an obvious one… our job growth is lagging behind other states. But that makes sense. If other states have more people to enter the work force of course they will grow more jobs. I guess this is good and bad news… we have more jobs than people who can fill them.

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Minnesota Headhunter On The Schmidt List Podcast

Minnesota Podcast

A couple of weeks ago I sat down with Kurt Schmidt to record a session of his The Schmidt List podcast. Kurt is the President of Foundry (@FoundryMakes | Instagram) and he can be found by clicking LinkedIn, @KRTS & The Schmidt List with (as I post this) 36 podcast episodes. We’ve bumped into each other a number of times over the years and had a bunch of quick chats. But this is the first time we had some quality time. Here is his current bio:

Kurt Schmidt began his career as a graphic designer and filmmaker in the skateboarding and BMX biking industry.

In 1991, while recognized as one of the top twelve professional bike riders in the world, he co-founded Standard Byke Company.

In 2010, he was tapped by The Nerdery to be the Director of Project Management and has been responsible for the delivery of over $300 million in software development and design.

Currently, as the President of Foundry, he leads product design workshops, drives digital transformation initiatives, and hosts a weekly Podcast called “The Schmidt List” where he interviews leaders in design and technology.

While well versed on his business and technology background, I did not know about his BMX skills until after we recorded. Where have I been???

Here is what we covered over the hour (we had wayyy more things we could have riffed on) and you can listen below. Be sure to check out The Schmidt List on iTunes.

We start by talking about how I got into recruiting (old school, answered an ad in the newspaper) and how “Minnesota Headhunter” came to be and my then lack of SEO knowledge.

We talk about how the Minnesota Recruiters group started including a nod to John Sumser.

“What makes a good recruiter” is a fantastic question.

I get to ramble a bit on why some recruiters suck and I stick up for my corporate recruiter and HR friends.

I take to task the line CEO’s give that they want the best and the brightest and why I think that is BS.

Can a technologist burn a bridge with a recruiter?

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MSP On Deck Podcast #19: Reeher And Redbrick Acquired, Gravie Funding, Minnesota Recruiters And Minnesota Tech Layoffs

MSP On Deck Logo

We start this episode talking about Redbrick Health… a frequent topic on our show and a group we had been thinking would have an “event” of some sort later this or next year. Out of the blue they are acquired by private equity and merged with another group.

Casey walks us through why this is a bummer. It’s not a great exit and he talks about who did well or in this case not well. The one bit of good news is it appears to some extent the Minneapolis office will continue on.

I of course go on to who is next to have a bell ringing moment… seems like this leaves us with Code42 as “next team up” and a few groups down the road including Calabrio.

You will hear why Casey calls Digital River the JCPenney of Minnesota SaaS.

Kathy brings us back to Redbrick and how corporate wellness programs may not be as cool a business as once thought.

We move on to the Gravie funding announcement (note, I am a customer/user) and speculation on who would be interested in buying them.

And the Reeher acquisition that we all agree was a sweet win… a bootstrapped group and a buyer who will continue to grow the team in St Paul.

Good news… I talk about how the recruiting recruiters trend is continuing and how this is a predictor of how the economy is going.

Bad news… the Capital One layoffs and ONE20 “shutdown”.

Casey talks a bit and is real direct about how a CEO should handle bad news or the closing of a company.

We talk about the startup career fair at WeWork.

Kathy made a “mistake” and asked if I had anything else to rant about… I mentioned I had written about Amazon HQ2 => A Bunch Of Thoughts… Minneapolis And Amazon HQ2

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3 Lessons Learned From Minnesota Tech Layoffs: Capital One And ONE20

Laid Off

Back in December on the MSP On Deck podcast we made 2018 predictions and mine was that we would see continued greater tech hiring and we would see more layoffs… that we would see more churn in 2018 than 2017. To hear the episode click:

MSP On Deck #12 - The most popular tech news stories of 2017 + what big things are in the pipe for 2018?

At the beginning of May news broke that the Capital One office in St Cloud had cut around 24 tech staff:

Capital One announces another round of layoffs in St. Cloud

This one is not a big surprise… Capital One has been reducing the size of the St Cloud office.

Mid May the staff of Minneapolis startup ONE20 arrived on a Monday morning to find the office door locked. Outside of the company this one caught people off guard. Internally it seemed that many were aware things were rocky. There also seems to be some drama about this one regarding current customers, a few employees being retained (most are not) and what comes next:

Minneapolis Truck Tech Startup ONE20 Crashes, Laying Off 50+ ( may require a subscription)

There have also been a number of groups that have “realigned” in some fashion causing 5 layoffs here and 10 there while still hiring across the company.

Here’s the deal and I swear I feel like this is old advice that doesn’t need to be said but then it does when tech pros are surprised to hear of layoffs. And I think I spoke about this during my Minnebar session or maybe because it seems to come up all the time… generally companies are going to do what they need to do to keep shareholders and investors happy. Whether you work at a private/public/startup, large/small, agency/med tech/manufacturing company this includes you. Which is almost everyone.

Including you.

So no one should be shocked, surprised or otherwise taken aback when something like this happens.

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Minnesota Increases Number Of Fortune 500 Companies To 19

Fortune 500 by Revenue

The 64t annual (2018) Fortune 500 list came out today and Minnesota added 2 companies to the list with Securian Financial Group and Polaris Industries. This is good news and helps soften the bad news last week that Mosaic is moving their HQ’s to Florida.

So technically we will have 18 but as of this moment and according to the Fortune list we have 19. I’ll take it while we can.

Other *’s would be:

- We lost St Jude Medical as a HQ’s after being acquired by Abbott Laboratories

- Medtronic moved their HQ’s offshore

- Cargill would be around #25 if it were included. Why some private groups and cooperatives are not included… I do not know.

The heat map above is based on the revenue of each company.

Generally our companies moved down the list although Securian and Polaris made huge jumps to go on it.

Here is how the list breaks down in order with how many spots they moved and a link to their Fortune page:

5 (+1) UnitedHealth Group

39 (-1) Target

72 (0) Best Buy

96 (-3) CHS

97 (-3) 3M

122 (+3) U.S Bancorp

180 (-22) Supervalu

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MSP On Deck Podcast #18: Minneapolis Tech Events, Minnesota Funding News And Amazon Growing Minneapolis Office

MSP On Deck Startup and Tech Podcast

After a 2 month or so hiatus because of vacations (not mine), work schedules (sort of mine) and a freak spring blizzard during Minnebar… it was good to see Kathy, Casey and the mic’s again.

Which as we start the podcast we note that maybe we had accidentally been using Kathy’s internal mic, as we our podcast tech amateurs, but it turns out not to be the case. We had (and will have) 3 mic’s but could not get the adapter to work. We’re still working on the low volume of the recording.

Here is a photo of Kathy and Casey working on it and I love Kathy’s expression on this one:

MSP On Deck Startup and Tech Podcast

Anyway… to what we spoke about:

I gave an overview of Spring 2018 tech events including Tech Cities 2018, Minnebar and Enterprise Rising including LinkedIn data showing we had more tech pros migrate to Minneapolis and St Paul than away, the huge turnout for Minnebar and topics covered at Enterprise Rising.

We then had Casey dig deeper into his event as he had a mix local, regional and national investors, entrepreneurs and startup co founders. Casey also spoke about Cack Wilhelm and her presentation on how to invest a small amount of dollars not necessarily waiting until you are an accredited investor. I then brought up how Thompson Aderinkomi was running his previous startup on around $250 a month in tech overhead.

All of this was a reminder for me that our tech and business community puts on top notch events.

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A Bunch Of Thoughts… Minneapolis And Amazon HQ2

Amazon logo

NOTE: over the past months I had started writing a bunch of posts relating to Amazon HQ2 and did not finish any of them. Most of the time I was frustrated. I’ve clearly been vocal be it on the podcast or quotes in local news stories. All of those are linked below. As I edit this I know I ramble a bit and left some details out but these are the highlights of what I have been thinking about…

What do we do about HQ2

When news first broke about Amazon searching for a location to grow a 2nd HQ’s I became immediately interested. My thought was that this is a once in a career… maybe lifetime (so far for sure) opportunity to change the landscape of a community, city and region.

The first thought I had was there are three options the region had:

- Do nothing

- Be aggressive

- Sell your soul

Do nothing was not an option for me.

I was slightly more than “be aggressive” and not anywhere near “sell your soul”.

No way we let this opportunity to go by. The region needed to make a very strong bid, offer reasonable incentives and really go after this.

Restrained Bid

And then we read the now infamous quote from Governor Dayton saying the state would be giving a “restrained bid”.

I read that and was upset. I swore out loud.

Restrained??? Why bother.

We learned that Governor Dayton and then Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges reached out to the CEO’s of Target and Best Buy. To do what… get their permission to do their job? Did our elected officials reach out to other companies years ago when Minneapolis gave Target tax breaks to build their new HQ’s in Downtown?

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MSP On Deck Podcast #17: Bind Funding, HelpSystems Acquisition, Recruiters Being Recruited And Ping.MN Debuts

MSP On Deck Podcast, Minnesota Tech Podcast, Minneapolis Tech Podcast, Minnesota Startup Podcast, Minneapolis Startup Podcast

We start our 17th podcast episode with news of the Bind $60M Series A funding.

That’s not a round size I think anyone was expecting. Kathy walks us through her conversation with Tony Miller, CEO of Bind, and how they are trying to tackle many of the things that people do not like about health insurance including doing away with deductibles creating “on demand health insurance”. We went deeper into the Lemhi Ventures and UnitedHealth Group relationship.

Kathy and Casey nerd out on Minnesota startups that have been created out of the success of previous startups. They use the phrase “startup mafia”. They mention Definity Health and Imaginet. I suggest Net Perceptions engineers are in town but they have not created companies. Casey lists off a number of groups who have been started by former Definity Health leaders.

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