2019 Minnesota Jobs Prediction

Roller Coaster

I tend to stay away from making predictions… I don’t have a crystal ball that tells the future. If I did I likely would not be writing this post right now. When I was a kid I did have a Magic 8 Ball. Those were the best. Didn’t like your answer? Try again. Or do 2 of 3 or 4 of 7.

But I do trends.

I am always reading economic surveys, watching CNBC and Bloomberg, reading company quarterly reports, scanning Glassdoor company reviews, looking at Indeed and Google Jobs. Anything that when combined with other bits of data show trends. Sometimes new data jives with what I have been thinking and other times it shows some change.

Late 2017 while prepping for our end of the year MSP On Deck Podcast we each were going to make a prediction. I knew mine right away.

I went with this… that in 2018 the Minnesota jobs scene and particularly the Minnesota tech jobs scene was going to see greater churn. By churn I meant that we would see more companies hiring, more companies laying off and restructuring and for a variety of factors more people taking a look at what might be available to them in a new job, career or employer.

While I can’t point to a particular survey or chart… I am claiming a win on that prediction.

If you ask corporate and search firm recruiters… most experienced a busier year of recruiting. If you ask managers, directors and those who run teams if they had a harder time retaining people… most will say yes.

Remember the gopher from CaddyShack and how he would stick his head up from underground to see what was going on outside? That’s what a lot more people did in 2018. They all didn’t move but more were willing to take a look.

Now to my 2019 Minnesota Jobs prediction… I’m not taking a big leap with this one.

I am predicting even more churn in 2019.

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Working Wednesday Volume VI: Tech And Non Tech Jobs With Minneapolis And St Paul Tech Companies


This edition comes from thinking about an event… Daugherty Business Solutions hosted a HackerX event this week with 19 other tech companies who are hiring in the tech space. While that was the focus of the event, Minneapolis and St Paul tech jobs, many of the groups are hiring other roles like: marketing, sales, product, customer success, HR and recruiting and more.

There is an assumption when we say that a startup or tech company is hiring that these groups are only recruiting Developers, Coders and Designers. That’s not true. Sure, in the beginning a startup is focused on those roles. As they grow they will add marketing, sales, accounting, HR staff, etc.

For the large groups it’s easier to picture all the non tech roles they have to support the business.

Photos from the event:

IT Jobs in Minnesota IT Jobs in Minnesota

IT Jobs in Minnesota IT Jobs in Minnesota

The following is info HackerX attendees received. While I am “all in” on Daugherty, I know many of the groups below are great places to work. With this many to look at you should be able to find a group or two that might interest you.

Saying that, you should click Daugherty Careers first and send me a note if you see something you are curious about Smile

Daugherty Business Solutions (HOST) – daugherty.com

Industry: IT Management Consulting

Company Size: 500+

At Daugherty Business Solutions, we bring a fresh approach to consulting by rolling up our sleeves and working with our clients—collaborating to solve some of their most pressing business challenges through leading edge IT solutions. With over 30 years of success, Daugherty is closing in on $200 million in revenue with more than 1,000 employees in seven cities.

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Working Wednesday Vol V: Call Center, Tech And Startup Jobs

Minnesota Jobs, Minneapolis Jobs, St Paul Jobs

I am consistent… in not posting this on Wednesday but we are into Week 5 so I am on a roll. Sort of.

The past weeks I have been mostly posting tech and startup jobs. I know that space as well as anyone and am not seeing or hearing about other news. If you have or see some… send me a note.

  • Starting with a non tech news item… Call center adding 550 jobs in Mendota Heights. “Alorica Inc. is hiring 550 people to work at its Mendota Heights call center, a move that will more than double the global firm’s presence in the Twin Cities.” and “The hiring will take place between now and the end of the year, Greer said. Wages for new hires will range from $12 to $14 an hour, depending on the shift, with potential for bonuses.” Click Alorica Careers.

  • Steve Lewis, Talent Acquisition Leader at Hearth & Home Technologies and Gopher football fan, tagged me on a LinkedIn that they are looking for a Web Application Developer. They are also looking for a Sales Operations Manager, Sr. Creative Services Manager / Creative Director and VP, New Construction Channel Marketing.

  • Geri Kane, Supervisor of HR Services at Metropolitan Airports Commission, sent a note that they have a IT leadership role open. Click Manager, Public Safety Systems

  • Foodsby picked up a $13.5M round of funding to fuel expansion in other cities. Expansion in other cities at some point bring more hiring to their Minneapolis HQ. Watch Foodsby Careers

  • Sansoro Health raises $8M and currently looking for a Product Manager, IT Manager and Customer Success Manager. Click Sansoro Health Careers.

  • Zipnosis, a previous client and fantastic team with a sweet product, picked up $3M. No change on their career page yet. Click Zipnosis Careers

  • A new company (to me)… Recombinetics picked up $34M and will be hiring but I cannot find a jobs page for them.

I am big into lists… last week the Inc 5000 came out and 85 Minnesota based companies are on it. These are the fastest growing privately held companies and with that comes hiring. Click 2018 Minnesota Inc 5000 Companies for the list. Looks like many of them hiring.


Click Minnesota Headhunter for current blog posts and Minneapolis Tech Jobs for Minnesota tech jobs I am working on.


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Minneapolis Recruiter Minneapolis Recruiter Minneapolis Recruiter Minnesota Recruiter

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Working Wednesday Vol IV: Dispatch, Bind Benefits, Sansoro Health, Arctic Wolf Hiring And Minnesota Jobs Report


2 days late but still going weekly…

Why didn’t I post anything Wednesday?

- Busy talking with about the roles at Daugherty Business Solutions.

- I didn’t have much hiring news (and y’all should be sending me notes about what your company is up to)

Note… I am not only wanting to post Minneapolis and St Paul tech jobs news. It’s the space I hang out most of the time. If you have tech or non tech news I gladly take it.

And then… WHACK

I was listening to our just published MSP On Deck podcast and remembered a couple of groups that recently announced funding rounds:

- Dispatch, last I heard is looking for 2 Sr Ruby Dev’s. Click and send your resume to [email protected] They are also looking for delivery drivers in Minneapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Kansas City and Orlando.

- Bind Benefits has a bunch of jobs in tech, product, data science, medical and account managers. Click Bind Benefits Jobs

Some more news items:

-Kathy Grayson at the MSP Business Journal wrote Health-IT company Sansoro raises $8 million; steps up hiring. They have Product Manager, IT Manager and Customer Success Manager roles posted. Click Sansoro Health Jobs.

- Kathy has another story this one Silicon Valley startup Arctic Wolf adds another high-ranking exec to growing Twin Cities office. Click Arctic Wolf Jobs.

Minnesota Jobs News:

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Working Wednesday Vol III: Big Data Architect, Minnesota Tech And Recruiter Jobs, Hiring And Layoff News


I know… I’m a day late. Not for lack of interest on my part but a full calendar of recruiting.

Usually during the summer time there is a minor slow down in hiring. Summer hours and vacations can make it a little difficult to get phone calls, interviews and offers done as fast as usual. I’m not seeing much of a slow period. Many hiring managers and candidates are doing phone and video interviews while on their vacation.

Daugherty Business Solutions:

Today and tomorrow a few Developers and a couple of Recruiters are attending the Midwest JS conference at the University of St Thomas campus. A few days of seeing old friends, making new ones, learning and yes… some recruiting. If you are attending the conference stop by and say hello. I will be there for a short time Friday with Eric Kramlinger and Dave Frolick who will be there the whole conference.

Team Daugherty at Midwest JS

Big Data Architect was added this week to our Minneapolis recruiting board. We are looking for someone with expertise in the Hadoop ecosystem: Hive, HDFS, MapReduce, Yarn, Kafka, Pig, Oozie, HBase, Sqoop, and Spark and who have hands on experience with Hands-on experience with Scala, Python and R.

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Minneapolis And St Paul Tech Jobs

The following have been added to the page:

Click for current blog posts and for Minnesota tech jobs I am working on.

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Working Wednesday Vol II: Minnesota Recruiter, Digital And Marketing Jobs


Two weeks in a row… I’m on a roll Smile

Last week I focused on some companies I work with now and in the past… this week 2 job categories.

If your company is hiring send me some info, content and links and I’ll try to include it.

Recruiter Jobs:

Last week I posted about my current sourcing, recruiting and strategy project with the Daugherty Business Solutions Minneapolis team. One of our awesome recruiters has moved to the West Coast and we are looking to add a new recruiter to the team. I posted this Monday:

Minnesota Recruiter, Minneapolis Recruiter

I really do love working with this team and if you or someone you know is a really good recruiter, loves to build tech teams and wants to be part of a great group of recruiters send me a note. If you rather I not know you are looking send a message to Wes Strait, Operations Manager at [email protected]

I’m going to write more about in the next days… during July I posted 44 Minneapolis and St Paul recruiter jobs. By far the largest number for the month of July since I started posted in 2009. Also, so far this year I have posted 224 recruiter jobs with 178 in 2014 the previous high. And it was only July. So yes, most companies are feeling some stress when it comes to hiring. I have some interesting graphs I’ll be sharing.

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Working Wednesday Vol I: Minneapolis And St Paul Tech And Digital Jobs With Daugherty Business Solutions, Structural And Clockwork

Minnesota Tech Jobs

10 years ago as the “Great Recession” was having a significant impact on the Minneapolis, St Paul and Minnesota jobs scene I and others were regularly Tweeting out companies who were hiring and those who were looking for work. As it is appearing we are close to some form of “full employment” a number of companies I know of are recruiting and I have been thinking of different ways to get this out to others in an easy way.

I have been doing this for years with and . But those are just postings… there is also news to share, jobs outside of tech and recruiting and companies that are hiring across multiple skill sets.

So my idea is to do a weekly blog post and do a better job at sharing what I know.

If you have any ideas on how to format this better I gladly take them.

If you are hiring and want others to know about it send me an email [email protected] and include links, background info, etc.

Volume I… here goes:


Currently most of my time is with Daugherty Business Solutions with a BIG recruiting focus on Project Managers, Scrum Masters and Sr Developers with a Java emphasis. Click Daugherty Business Solutions Minneapolis for all the roles we are recruiting for. If you see something you are interested in send me a note and I gladly give you a bunch of info. And if you are or know of a PM or Scrum Master… seriously, send me a note. I’m working a lot of hours and it is impacting my fishing time Smile

Daugherty has been creating some videos to better tell our story… here is one of the new ones:

Daugherty Profile Series - Raabia Siddiqui from Daugherty Business Solutions on Vimeo.

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Minnesota Morning: CoCo Pitch Night, Prime Digital Academy Graduates And Super Bowl “Help Wanted”

The Super Bowl is 6 days away and if you have been in Downtown Minneapolis you are fully aware of the impact. Last week with the snow storm and Super Bowl preparations parking became a pain and traffic patterns interrupted. Not a big deal as long as one plans ahead.

Areas near US Bank Stadium and Nicollet Mall were seeing final touches on venues Friday and I took a walk down the Nicollet Mall to get some photos.

Super Bowl In Minneapolis, Super Bowl LII

Good news is last weeks snow storm dropped a blanket of fresh snow. More good news it was warmer than average so workers doing prep work enjoyed warmer than average temperatures . The forecast for Super Bowl weekend will leave a number of people shivering. If you are from out of town and looking forward to winter… we have it.

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