STOP… What If LinkedIn Dies?

RIP Linked In

At my MTNRN presentation, click Recap: 2017 Ready, Set, GO!!! Recruiter Checklist, I had this simple slide:

What if LinkedIn died

My challenge was… go one day a week without using LinkedIn.

And there were some butts squirming in the chairs. A couple of recruiters said they might not be able to go an hour without using LinkedIn.

That surprised me a bit.

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Video: Finding A Job Using Social Media

Back in May (2015) I gave my 6th presentation at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul:

Get Recruited: Finding Your Next Job Through Social Media

When Mykl Roventine asked me to speak again this year I paused thinking… does anybody really want to hear from me again?

Mykl was right (Mykl warming up the group):

Social Media For Job Search, Minnesota Jobs, Minneosta Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter

The answer was yes. We had 100+ at the event.

And we had a good time.

Here are a couple of blog posts recapping the event with some takeaways:

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Join The Minnesota Headhunter Group On LinkedIn

Minnesota Headhunter, Minnesota Recruiter, Paul DeBettignies

I’m not a New Year’s Resolution kind of guy, I do a theme, but I usually have a couple of “things” I want to get done in the next year.

Thinking about 2015 one of those “things” is to help my friend’s network with each other.

I’ve had a number of conversations the past months where someone said something like:

I was having an issue with a non compete and I ended up with some bad advice.

    • And I was thinking if I had known I would have sent them to Teresa Thompson (disclaimer, she’s my wicked smart attorney).

My sister was looking for a senior level position with Minnesota non profit or community organization.

    • And I was thinking if I had known I would have sent them to Lars Leafblad.

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Be Aware Of This LinkedIn Phishing Email

A week ago on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook I posted the following status update (click image to make it larger):

Phishing for LinkedIn password? Received this today... note the email address

LinkedIn Phishing Email, LinkedIn Email Scam, LinkedIn Hacked, LinkedIn Security 

I have at least 15 friends and colleagues reply that they too received the same message.

Unfortunately the past 24 hours I have seen a couple of LinkedIn status updates that appear to me to have been from “hacked” accounts.

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Minnesota Morning… Minnesota IT Jobs, LinkedIn “How You Rank” And Summer In Minnesota

For those of us in the Upper Midwest when we talk about the Winter of 2014 we say “WINTER” with emphasis. We think it’s funny when family and friends “down south” talk about how cold it was.

We know better. When your snot freezes… THAT’S cold.

Thankfully that is past us now and across the state we had a most beautiful Memorial Day weekend. I posted some #LakeLife photos below…

Minnesota IT Jobs

I had a feeling it was long past time for me to start the and while sure the short term traffic spike is curiosity more than anything else… I think the numerous email I received from recruiter and IT friends is a good sign.

On the first batch of jobs posted there are 17 IT jobs… all full time and a mix of large companies and startups.

Another round of job will be posted later this evening.

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CareerBuilder Survey: Best And Worst Words For A Resume

Thinking back to the presentations I did at the University of St Thomas the past month (Social Media – Best Practices for Maintaining an Optimal Online Presence) one of the most frequently asked questions I received was:

You talk to us about using buzzwords, keywords and acronyms in our profiles and resume… what are some of the words you most like to see?

Given the amount of time we had I did not get into a long list but I did mention a few themes:

  • Increased sales
  • Cut costs
  • Increased web traffic, newsletter signups, engagement with customers
  • Made something more efficient

And add numbers… as in statistics like:

By doing this “thing” we increased sales “X”%

In streamlining this “process” we cut costs “X”%

Implementing “this strategy” we increased web site traffic “X” times

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Event: Social Media – Best Practices for Maintaining an Optimal Online Presence

University of St Thomas Alumni Association

The is co sponsoring an event “Social Media – Best Practices for Maintaining an Optimal Online Presence” and invited me to be the presenter.

I am a big, BIG fan of St Thomas, their staff and alumni and love speaking at their events.

Below is information (note there are two events) and no, you do not need to be a grad of St Thomas or a member of the alumni association to attend.

Register (click the link)

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LinkedIn Is Down, What Am I Going To Do?

Earlier today LinkedIn was having some service issues and for many the site was “down”.

I took a call from a search firm friend that went like this:

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Why A LinkedIn Profile Is Crucial For C-Level Executives

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

LinkedIn has become the go-to site for individuals who want to display all aspects of their professional life in one place.  By setting up a profile you can showcase your resume, display your professional websites and blogs, garner recommendations, catch up with former associates, and acquire new networking contacts.

There’s currently no better online “catch all” for professionals hoping to gain exposure with recruiters and hiring managers.  This is why, as a C-level executive, it’s a good idea that you jump on the bandwagon with everyone else.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site, connecting millions of individuals throughout the professional world.  Founded in 2002 and officially launched in May 2003, the site reports having more than 135 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories as of September 2011.

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Some LinkedIn User Statistics

I saw the infographic below from Lab 42 a couple of months ago but as I am frequently asked for LinkedIn user statistics I thought I should post it here after seeing it posted again this time on Infographic: How people really use LinkedIn (

The numbers affirm most of what I see as LInkedIn users behaviors although I think the 35% access LinkedIn daily number is a bit high.

I also wonder if maybe the numbers are a bit high because this likely came from LinkedIn users and not from those who have a profile.

The difference being the number of folks who never use or have an orphaned profile. I am assuming they are not part of the survey.

Click this to make it larger:

LinkedIn Profile Stats Lab 42

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