Texas #1 In CNBC Top States For Doing Business 2010, Minnesota Ties for #8

CNBC has announced its America’s Top States For Doing Business 2010 with Texas finishing in first place.

Rounding out the Top 5:

#8 is tied with Utah.

Our neighbors:

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Minnesota Recruiters Hiring And Jobs Survey | Spring 2010

Minnesota Recruiters logo on white

Leading up to Minnesota Recruiters Conference 10 held April 30th, 2010 at Best Buy Headquarters I sent out a Survey Monkey link to gauge what hiring looked like during Q1 of 2010 along with expectations of Q2 and 2010 in general, what jobs and skill sets were most an least in demand and how Recruiters and HR professionals felt about their own job security.

This is not a scientific survey. The survey link was sent multiple times to the Minnesota Recruiters email list of 1900 Recruiter and HR professionals with a 10% response rate.

While not scientific the results do show what most in the Recruiter and HR community have been seeing and talking about over the past weeks and points of conversation during the conference.

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Do Unemployment Benefits Create Lazy Job Seekers?

A couple of weeks ago the San Francisco Federal Reserve released an Economic Letter (research paper) titled Extended Unemployment and UI Benefits and the Internet blew up. Not literally but close.

Let me get my personal view out of the way.

I believe that 95%+ of unemployed people want to work and are working hard to find a job. I do believe there are those who have no problem getting a check to stay at home. I base my number on the folks I see, hear from and do job search, LinkedIn and Social Media sessions with/for.

I see that most folks really do want to get back to work.

More than that (and this is me taking a shot at my conservative friends) we are not talking about a lot of money. Minimum wage or so. Do you really think that most people want to stay home for that?

Moving on…

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US Job Growth An Ongoing Concern

I still need to post a bunch of employment statistics from recent weeks and with this post am jumping ahead a bit.

This afternoon I had a long chat with a reporter who was curious about why my optimism about job growth was so low.

Sure it is likely we are out of the recession, corporate profits are up and some temporary hiring (a forward looking indicator) has started but we have a long, long way to go.

Here is a recent chart of job losses and duration by recession:

2008 2010 Recession Job Losses

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Executive Search Firm Boyden Outlook Finds Need for CEO and C-Level Executive Mobility and Flexibility

– Top Global Executive Search Firm Reports Technology, Energy, Consumer and Life Sciences among Sectors with Some Pent Up Demand for Executive Talent –

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As globalization shifts corporate priorities, mobility and flexibility will be required for even star executives, as prospects for senior management often shift from the West to the developing world, according to the quarterly Boyden Executive Outlook released today.

“CEOs can come from any market due to the globalization of business,” said Chris Clarke, President and CEO of Boyden World Corporation. “Many of the best opportunities are shifting away from the West, while changes in government policy and taxation are making corporations consider locating operations in countries with less restrictive policies.”

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What Is The Definition Of Unemployed?

In good times and bad times and regardless of political party I have said that the way the United States government, specifically the Bureau of Labor Statistics, states unemployment statistics is B*** S***. CRAP I say!!!

In the coming days I am going to be doing a bunch of posts about recent labor statistics including what many consider “real unemployment” numbers by age, race, location, etc.

How is it that the media folks do not pick up in this? My guess is they do not get it and do not see the need to educate themselves.

For now I leave you with what I think is the best way to understand the different definitions of unemployed in the United States (hat tip to Toby Dayton of Diggings for the video):

Is Your Major Metropolitan Area A Smart City? Mine Is. Minneapolis/St. Paul #4

I do not put a lot of emphasis on surveys because how one measures, asks questions and differing criteria can give varied results.

But I am competitive.

And I am a homer.

So when The Daily Beast announced the results of their survey and Minneapolis - St Paul is #4 I am going to blog about it.

They ranked cities with 1,000,000+ in population (including suburbs) from 1 to 55 and came up with the following order (click America's Smartest Cities—From First to Worst to get their criteria, slide show and brief commentary on each city):

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Who’s Hiring? Week of 9/25/09

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Phil Rosenberg, President of reCareered

Who's Hiring is a weekly survey of companies showing the highest hiring activity. Not only is this valuable for job seekers, but for business analysts, corporate strategists, marketers, salespeople, investment analysts, financial advisers, and others who are interested in companies experiencing growth. Despite the recession, these companies are all expanding.

Total Job Openings:
The Telecommunications, Banking, Business Services, Health Care, and Retail verticals are the top industries currently hiring based on a survey of active job advertisements from the nations’ top job boards.

Based on surveys of US job advertisements in the top job boards and aggregators, the following companies added the most job openings:

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Challenger, Gray and Christmas Announced Layoff Survey May 2009

It is important to note that the Challenger, Gray and Christmas survey is of announced layoffs and not all layoffs. I point to this survey frequently because it shows trends and as we all try and figure out what is going with the labor market one more bit of data to take a look at.

The trend we see here as with other data that is coming out is we are at or likely have seen the worst of the jobs reports although here we see comments (and I agree) that we are not coming out of this as fast as some think or would like to hope.

Is this “good news”? I prefer not as bad news.

So to the trends...

  • 111,182 announced layoffs in May is lowest level since 95,094 in September 2008
  • 132,590 job cuts in April 2009
  • 150,411 job cuts in March 2009
  • 241,749 job cuts in January 2009
  • 103,522 job cuts in May 2008

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Minnesota Jobs Report And Unemployment Rate April 2009

April 2009 saw 9,500 jobs eliminated in Minnesota and the Unemployment Rate drop to 8.1% from 8.2% The U.S. rate was 8.9%

The number of jobs gained/lost the past 12 months (year over year) is -90,200 for April. For March it was -98,100.

18,900 jobs were lost in March so the April 9,500 is a sign to many that while job losses will continue that maybe we have experienced the worst of it here in Minnesota including this quote:

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Study Shows 51,500 Minnesota Jobs Directly And Indirectly Tied To Auto Industry

A study called when When giants fall released by the Washington, D.C. based nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank Economic Policy Institute shows that as many as 3.3 million US jobs are tied to the auto industry and as many as 51,500 in Minnesota.

The Economic Policy Institute has a good reputation of putting out fair numbers so until I come across another survey I will be quoting from this one.

Top 5 states hit hardest by total shutdown: Michigan, California, Ohio, Texas and Illinois

Top 5 states in terms of employment: Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee

Minnesota ranks #21 if just GM were to close. An estimated 14,200 jobs would be lost and if a total shutdown 51,500 jobs.

As a percentage of the work force the .5% to 1.9% of state employment ranks Minnesota #28

Included in the survey are the recently announced sales figures for November:

  • Domestics sales -40%
  • GM -41%
  • Ford -30%

Not widely carried are the equally bad sales figures from foreign auto makers:

  • Asian sales in US -35%
  • Nissan -42%
  • Hyundai -40%
  • Honda -32%

I am sure it would be hard to quantify but I am wondering if the auto makers closed, what would pop up in their place? I find it hard to believe that the US would produce no cars or that other industries would not evolve from the carnage. That 3.3 million jobs would be lost and nothing to take their place.

I am not suggesting we let the auto makers go quiet but just thinking about all the what if’s.

I am also wondering how current plants could be retooled to take on things like electric cars, batteries, green technologies, etc.

Lots of wondering and thinking on my part. The problem for me I am not seeing much more out of Capitol Hill or Michigan for answers. I would hope and expect they would be much further along in their thought process and have an answer or two.

So far I am disappointed.

As Usual.

Minnesota Recruiters 2008-2009 Job Market Survey Results

As posted on the Minnesota Recruiters group page October 21, 2008

After being a part of many national and local conversations regarding hiring, the economy, and the credit market crisis it seemed to be a good time for me to do a survey of the Minnesota Recruiters group.

The survey is unscientific but does give a good reading on what local corporate, search and consulting firm recruiters are experiencing and how they see the job market into 2009.

SurveyMonkey was used to collect responses. Approximately 1,150 received the survey link. Within a few percentage points the category of recruiter mirrors that of the email list. 338 started and 300 completed the survey between October 8-10, 2008:

Corporate Recruiter  42.90% 145
Search Firm Recruiter 29.30% 99
IT Consulting Firm Recruiter 14.20% 48
HR/Recruiter Consulting Firm Recruiter 13.60% 46


Items and thoughts to note:

  • Generally it appears that our area and companies are doing better in terms of hiring and optimism than other regions.
  • Generally speaking hiring cycles are becoming longer in terms of process, interviews, and back ground checks. Many times the word “deliberate” has been used to suggest companies are being very specific on who they hire.
  • Generally speaking most Recruiters say that even if not hiring in an area, if a very talented candidate contacted them there is a good chance they would be hired.
  • The Corporate Recruiters who did the survey like the Corporate Recruiters on the email list are 80% in a large company category. It does seem at this time larger companies are feeling the economic issues more than small and mid size companies.
  • There are signs from the survey and through conversations that small and mid size companies are continuing to hire at a slightly slower pace. Only a little slow down has been seen with small to mid size companies.
  • On a national level conversations are that one need to analyze regions and industries separately as there are many areas of strength and weakness in the economy.
  • On our local level this too is seen. Some industries are doing better than others. Saying that there is evidence that at the company level each situation is different. For example, one healthcare company is not hiring IT, Marketing or Recruiter staff but another company down the road is.

Suggestions for the next survey(s) of this kind have been to add:

  • Recruiter role as in VP, Manager, Recruiter, Sourcer
  • Add 2 categories “Not Hiring” “Staff Reductions”. While the number of those who would have used those terms in their answers for this survey is very small if we continue to see the job market deteriorate then they will be needed in future surveys

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions about the survey please send me an email:

Paul DeBettignies
Co-Founder and Coordinator
Minnesota Recruiters



We hired/placed _____ than planned for the 3rd Quarter (July-September):

Search Firm Recruiter IT Consulting HR/Recruiter Consulting
significantly more 6.80% 1.20% 4.50% 2.60%
slightly more 18.90% 31.40% 18.20% 10.50%
the same 28.00% 23.30% 6.80% 28.90%
slightly fewer 22.70% 25.60% 40.90% 36.80%
significantly less 17.40% 15.10% 27.30% 21.10%
not sure 6.10% 3.50% 2.30% 0.00%


We plan to hire/place ___ in the 4th Quarter (October-December) compared to the 3rd Quarter:

Search Firm Recruiter IT Consulting HR/Recruiter Consulting
significantly more 10.60% 14.90% 20.50% 5.40%
slightly more 7.60% 27.60% 27.30% 29.70%
the same 30.30% 25.30% 27.30% 18.90%
slightly fewer 25.80% 19.50% 18.20% 27.00%
significantly less 22.00% 8.00% 6.80% 18.90%
not sure 3.80% 4.60% 0.00% 0.00%


I am ___ about the job market for the first half of 2009:

Search Firm Recruiter IT Consulting HR/Recruiter Consulting
Optimistic 20.60% 39.50% 25.00% 18.40%
Neutral 42.00% 30.20% 47.70% 34.20%
Pessimistic 25.20% 25.60% 20.50% 26.30%
Not Sure 12.20% 4.70% 6.80% 21.10%


I see the most job openings in:

Search Firm Recruiter IT Consulting HR/Recruiter Consulting
Healthcare Engineering Web Developers HR Generalists
IT IT Java Recruiters (IT)
Sales Sales .Net  
Engineering Finance Open Source  
Senior Management   ERP Systems  


I see the fewest or no job openings in:

Search Firm Recruiter IT Consulting HR/Recruiter Consulting
Marketing Manufacturing Project Managers Training
HR Accounting Business Analysts Recruiters
Senior Management HR    
Accounting Executive    

I am ___ about my job security:

Search Firm Recruiter IT Consulting HR/Recruiter Consulting
Optimistic 48.5% 64.40% 56.80% 39.50%
Neutral 32.6% 20.70% 27.30% 42.10%
Pessimistic 12.9% 9.20% 11.40% 5.30%
Not Sure 6.1% 5.70% 4.50% 13.20%

Minnesota College Students To Find A Good Job Market in 2009

Minnesota 2009 college graduates will find another good year of job possibilities according to a recent St. Cloud State University’s Career Services Center survey.

If you listen to local and national media folks (who frankly are a little, err, a lot clueless about employment statistics) you would think the entire country is seeing job cuts, no jobs are being created and no one can find a job.

That is not the case and as usual good news is not reported.

Of the 221 employers surveyed:

  • 35% increase hiring
  • 58.4% maintain hiring
  • 6.5% decrease hiring

Full disclosure, the 6.5% is more than last year but not a big deal.

Salary plans:

  • 27.1% plan to increase salary
  • 72.9% plan to maintain salary
  • 00.0% plan to decrease salary

For more survey information including which industries are hiring, percentages of those with on campus recruiting plans and skills that are most important click MN College Job Outlook 2009.

June 2008 Minnesota Jobs Report

No doubt the Minnesota jobs reports have not been outstanding but since the -10,000 in April '08 that was all over the print and TV news I have not seen much written about the +5,000 gained since then.

Frequent visitors are not surprised to see me say something like this, bad news is news and good news is not news. Some balance would be nice.

What I mean is, when the April report came out one might have thought the sky was falling. They did not mention with the late winter and spring employers had not yet started to hire for the season. They (most) did not mention that the biggest loss of jobs was for those under 25.

Does it suck to be under 25 and without a job? Of course. But looking at things in a macro view it needs to be taken in context.

Also, only a couple of national stories mentioned the higher minimum wage. I do wonder how much that plays a part in this. Surely some small employers are doing more with fewer workers. (This is not a political statement for against but it in some small part it has to be cause/effect)

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December 2007 Minnesota Jobs Report

Not much good to say about 2007 when speaking about job creation in Minnesota. The first 6 months saw about 23,000 jobs created. That’s a rough break even number needed with a growing Minnesota labor force and a nice start to a year.

The last 6 months saw that number wiped away.

I have seen the number at -400 and -700 jobs created/lost during 2007.

Tom Stinson, the state's chief economist. says "It seems to me that that's enough of a decline to qualify as a statewide recession in anybody's book," Stinson said.

Dan McElroy, the employment and economic development commissioner, called the report "disappointing and concerning." and "Going backward in the number of jobs is clearly not good news," he said. The numbers will be revised next month and that could mean that conditions actually are worse than they appear now.”

Unemployment rate:

  • December ’07, 4.9%
  • November ’07, 4.4%
  • October ’07, 4.7%
  • September ’07, 4.9%
  • August ’07, 4.6%
  • July ’07, 4.6%
  • June ’07, 4.5%
  • May ’07, 4.6%
  • April ’07, 4.5%
  • March ’07. 4.2%
  • February ’07, 4.5%
  • January ’07, 4.4%
  • December ’06, 4.1%

Jobs Created/Lost:

  • December ’07, -2,300
  • November ’07, +6,900
  • October ’07, -6,600
  • September ’07, -6,300
  • August ’07, -2,000
  • July ’07, -7,300
  • June ’07, +4,200
  • May ’07, +7,200
  • April ’07, +500
  • March ’07, ???
  • February ’07, -1,200
  • January ’07, +13,100
  • December ’06, -1,600

Over The Year Job Growth:

  • December ’07, -700
  • November ’07, +2,566
  • October ’07, +2,100
  • September ’07, +9,800
  • August ’07, ???
  • July ’07, +19,165
  • June ’07, +35,133
  • May ’07, +41,515
  • April ’07, +36,711
  • March ’07, ???
  • February ’07, +20,787

All numbers above are seasonally adjusted.

Click Employment & Economic Statistics for more posts on the topic and MN Headhunter for the latest blog posts.