Conversation With A Startup CEO… “When Should I Start Q1 2014 Recruiting?”

I have had a number of conversations the last two weeks regarding 2014 recruiting with a common theme:

When should we start?

Part of the answer depends on when in Q1 you want folks to be starting. The CEO I spoke with yesterday said Jan 6th, the first full week of 2014.

My answer to the CEO:


Here’s the deal… we have roughly nine weeks until the first full week of 2014.

We lose a couple of days for Thanksgiving and likely many around Christmas and New Years with them being in the middle of the week.

Let’s say we lose two weeks for the holidays, vacations and personal days.

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Conversation With An IT Manager... I Only Want To Recruit Those With Jobs

A CIO asked me to have a chat with an IT Manager who was being a pain in the (BLEEP) because they will not hire... will not speak to anyone who is not currently in a full time job.

The scenario is this:

A member of the development team “Joe” has a friend “Larry” who was let go from “Startup” who was struggling to raise cash. Startup had to let some folks go.

Larry is a very talented .Net developer and works easily in large/small groups and is someone you can put in front of an internal/external client and feel comfortable he can talk both business and tech.

IT Manager will not interview Larry.

IT Manager thinks there has to be something wrong with someone who was let go. Why was Larry let go and not someone else? Larry must have been expendable.

It’s worse than this...

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Dear Minnesota CEO’s... An Open Letter On IT Recruiting

Dear CEO’s,

Today in the StarTribune is an article from Adam Belz (@adambelz) Minnesota companies need IT workers, but stumble in hiring.

I missed Adam’s phone call, and his deadline, to contribute to the article. I agree with what he published and after speaking with him today look forward to future articles on this and related topics.

Here is what I want you to do…

Read it.

Right now... read it.

And then read the comments section. Try to get through some of the political comments and rants.

Do you really want to know what your IT staff is thinking? There it is.

Now what are you going to do about it?

See, you can’t sit in your office, board meeting, angel investor meeting and lament about the “talent shortage” without asking yourself these questions:

- Does anyone know we are hiring?

- Do we have an adequately staffed HR/Recruiter team? Do they have the resources they need to find who we are looking for? Do they have the time to recruit for what is needed today and also for next week, next month, next quarter?

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Top 10 Cities For Best IT Salaries

Every time I see a survey, or list or Top 10 anything I always find something that makes me question it.

So is the case with CyberCoders These Cities are Paying Tech Workers the Most (average salary):

1. San Jose – $119,412

2. San Francisco – $112,739

3. New York – $105,192

4. Washington D.C. – $99,618

5. Boston – $99,099

6. Los Angeles – $96,705

7. Brooklyn – $96,696

8. Philadelphia – $95,929

9. Chicago – $94,899

10. Dallas – $94,799

Besides supply and demand as noted in their post I have what is the next likely reason for these numbers…cost of living.

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7 Computer Programming Languages To Watch

Maybe instead of watch I should say learn?

One of the most frequent questions I get from tech pros is something like:

So what is the next big thing?

What are companies looking for?

What should I get a certification in?

I can give a good answer on what Minnesota companies are looking for right now and maybe this next year but I am not sure I can see any further.

Mostly because my sight is on today to six months from now.

I did come across this article from InfoWorld and they list (with some reasoning) 7 languages that the enterprise is starting to use more of.

Click for the full article (yes they do list 8 but call the article 7):

Two Minnesota CIO’s Make It On 2008 CIO 100 List

Minnesota has two CIO’s (companies) on the 2008 CIO 100 list.

Congratulations to (links are entry and company site):

Schwan’s is also featured with this: How Schwan Food Cashed In on Server and Desktop Virtualization.

Good Reading

Below are articles from recent weeks that I have not yet written about. A few posts in the coming days will be on topics like the job market for IT professionals and information for CIO’s. Until then you should find interesting information in these items:


Dealing With Email

-Hoarders vs. deleters, I am both depending on the day. I go through extremes with email much like blog posts. Either the Inbox is empty and everything answered, categorized, and archived or as is today I have 2000+ messages mostly answered I think, a few not open, many needing to be deleted, and a few to be archived.

-Take These Steps to Avoid Spam Purgatory, including 8 simple rules for making sure your message is received.


Business And The Use Of Technology

-20 Great Ideas From InformationWeek 500 Companies, there is always a lot of hype around the next tool that will change how we operate. I like to wait and see how someone uses it first. I am rarely an early adopter of the next best thing, my use of this blog for business, marketing and public relations being the exception.




-2006 InformationWeek 500



IT Hiring

There have been quite a few articles on the tight job market, good for the professional and bad for the employer:

-IT Job Market Looking Good, even those who have been cautiously optimistic are becoming bullish.

-Careers: IT Hiring Still Strong, CIO’s planned in 2006 4th Quarter to hire 13%, reducing 3%.

-Building the Perfect IT Person, sure would make hiring easier.

-Panel discussion: tech getting easier, employers looking for more than just tech skills.

-Study Shows 95% of IT Pros Happy With Their Jobs, maybe I am reading this wrong but maybe they are happy with their function or what they are working on but less so with their employer.

-Three Experts' Tips for Hiring, Retaining IT Staffs, nothing earth shattering here but worth reading.

IT Salaries Are On The Way Up, 2.8% is not a significant increase but at least its in the right direction.

Older Workers More Loyal to Employers, I thought being loyal had gone out the door.



Outsourcing And Offshoring

-Outsourcing: India Skills Gap Widens, apparently India is not able to produce enough qualified talent and are now increasing training efforts and looking to recruit from abroad.

-In India, even Google finds job recruiting tough, between having the necessary skills and the competition of those that are skilled, even Google has a hard time in India.

-Indian IT recruiting goes global, Tata Consulting Services will double the number of non-Indian workers. Infosys Technologies is hiring grads form foreign universities, training them in India, and send them back home to work.

Insourcing: Is IT Heading Home?, certainly an interesting shift in favor of the in house staff.



US Versus The World

-U.S. Education, Competitive Edge Not Adding Up, hopefully the new funds for science and math will help.



For The CIO’s

-Six Rules for Great IT Project Success, going old school by using Einstein and Pareto.

-Just How Important Is IT Anyway?, and the debate goes on.

-Sink or swim: 10 steps to rescue a foundering project, I like the first one, “Stop the Project”.

-The Team at the Top, a look into the building of an IT team.



Online Social Networks

-Social Networks: Execs Use Them Too, not just for the recruiters and kids.

-Web, Wikis: Models For Business Software, Panelists Say, Wikis and an ant colony.



Web 2.0

-Web 2.0 venture capital increasing, but real success hard to find, maybe this space is not evolved enough yet to realize its money making potential.

-Bubble 2.0?, glass half full or half empty? The previous article talkes about little cash going into Web 2.0. This article talks about it pouring. This does feel like 2000.



Thoughts On Business In Silicon Valley

Can anything good come from outside the Valley?, do they drink a special kind of Kool-Aid out there?



Future Of The Web

-Warning over 'broken up' internet, a UK perspective on the issues facing the Internet.



Impact Of US Elections On Tech Industry

-Few tech changes if Democrats control Congress, written right before the election.

-New Congress Likely To Support Net Neutrality, good news if you want neutrality.

-What the Democrats' win means for tech, including net neutrality and digital copyright.



IT Certifications

-Another Nail in the IT Certification Coffin, I tend to agree that they are not what they used to be.

CIO Corner 10/10 - 11/26

CIO Job Market Continues To Improve - October 1, 2005 has more evidence of a stronger job market for CIO’s noting that more companies are hiring.

Job Search For CIO’s - October 7

A fantastic article on for CIO’s particularly, but anyone really, on how to find jobs not posted and how to make sure once an opportunity is found that it is the right opportunity for you.

CIO’s Sticking Around Longer - October 13

This story has statistics from Forrester and Gartner showing that CIO’s are sticking around longer at their jobs than they used to. Four years, plus or minus .5 year, is average. The article has cites many reasons for the longer stay.

Chief Information Security Officer, A New Trend - October 13

CIO Today with an article on the trend of some melding the CIO and CSO and others creating a hierarchy. 40% of respondents say they employ a CISO up from 31% in 2004.

The Evolving CIO - November 16

Seems like everything in IT is changing, including at the top. CIO’s seem to be evolving into many things. Wisconsin Technology Network has a posting on the “hybrid CIO”. There is very little I like about Wisconsin, there goes my Gopher bias again, but this site always seems to have new and thought provoking information.