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Early 2020 I was in a studio with the then team, Kevin McArdle and Jac Stark, recording a podcast. I had known them for some time and it allowed for a big comfort level. Recorded in late January before the impact of COVID 19 on the workplace was known. Releases in mid March of that year.

We walked through my career, my experiences with clients, how I do my work.

We spoke about our tech community (reminder this was pre COVID), where we were, where we were previous. Strengths and weaknesses of it.

We spoke about what was next for me and this, recruiting and related activities, being a long game for me.

I very much appreciated them and their easy demeanor.

Before and since then has done many podcasts which you can find in two places.

The first… click => podcasts. This gets you to their list that starts now and goes back to January of 2021. That link will get you a paragraph or two about the podcast.

The next is to Spotify (what I use) and that has all the episodes going back to September of 2019.

Here is my episode… starts with a 90 second intro with Patrick Meenan, General Partner of Arthur Ventures:

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