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Interview: Employers Need To Prepare For Covid 19

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Late February 2020 I was interviewed by KARE 11 (Minneapolis NBC affiliate) to shed some light on what employers needed to be thinking about as COVID 19 was going to impact how people were going to work and from where.

While the advice I gave to employers then and in the interview was solid, it was clear none of us had an idea how long this was going to last nor how it would impact how and where we were going to work going forward. There was growing data back then that down the road, read that as many years from then, we would be a more “remote” workforce. Well, for those who could be. Many jobs clearly cannot be done remote.

Now it seems that COVID bumped everything up 10 years.

Interesting… two weeks ago we did another interview this one sparked by the announcement that Thomson Reuters has listed their U.S. HQ’s in Eagan for sale. They are looking for space that better accommodates a hybrid work force.

Here is the original interview from February 2020:



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