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Many Companies Are Not Prepared For “The Roaring Twenties” Post Pandemic Hiring Surge

You Aren't Ready

Let me invite you into the “Paul DeBettignies Time Machine” and let’s go back to January 6th, 2020.

For most of us on this ride, COVID 19 was not known of. Here is what was:

  • GDP while slowing from recent years was estimated to be 1.9%. Still a very busy year for those hiring.

  • “War for Talent” and “Skills Shortage” and “Talent Shortage” were common phrases.

  • Many (most) companies were having between a slight and hard time hiring at the pace they wanted to. Hiring, yes. Fast, not so much.

  • Most recruiting teams were understaffed, underbudgeted and lacking proper tools.

Then the “shut down” came.

Many corporate recruiters were furloughed and/or laid off.

Recruiting budgets frozen or cut.

Tools were scaled back.

And I was telling anyone who would listen this would be a mistake.

Bold on my part? Yes.

Naive (not knowing company situations)? Maybe.

Correct? Absolutely.

Let’s go forward in the “Paul DeBettignies Time Machine”…

March 5th, 2020 I wrote:

August 18th, 2020 I did a webinar:

During September a few more:

And one in October:

The “Paul DeBettignies Time Machine” brings us to now… April 2021.

I have written:

Here’ the deal… I see many “experts” saying this “hiring surge” is going to happen this summer or later this year.

I am suggesting this has already started… we are already in the 1st Quarter of the game.

And it feels like most have not yet arrived at the stadium, have not done their spring training and are still in an off season slumber.

They are not ready.

If I am wrong, if I am early with these thoughts… the worst thing that will happen is you are taking action now and will be ready for when it starts.

If I am correct and you take action now… you can catch up and be in a good place.

My advice, start now.

Like, right now.

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Jodi Hill

Paul - you are spot on. We had a monster Q1 in recruiting and it looks like we're just starting to pick up momentum. I don't blame companies for being conservative or cautious during a pandemic. We didn't even know when we'd get toilet paper, let alone predict how the pandemic would impact jobs. But, as we all know, decisions have consequences, and now we're all getting on the crazy rollercoaster of post-pandemic hiring! So buckle in and get ready for a crazy/fun/scary ride!

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