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Recruiting In A Pandemic: Write A 6 Month COVID 19 Business Update

Business Update

I’ve been doing a series of blog posts following my webinar => :

For this one… if I see your company is hiring or you are trying to recruit me, how do I know how the company is doing?

I’ve already suggested you . There should be some things to be seen now.

Someone needs to write a post that can be posted on your company blog and/or something your CEO can write as a post on LinkedIn and then have your team re-share it.

Here’s some of what a candidate, you and me if we were looking, would want to see:

  • How is the business, revenue doing?
  • How was going remote?
  • How is being remote?
  • What is it like doing a virtual onboard?
  • What is the growth, recruiting plan?
  • Has, how has the company culture changed?
  • What is the current thought of going to back an in office scenario?
  • Are you open to hiring remote ongoing… after we settle into a whatever next normal is?
  • Have you won an award, best place to work, staff member receiving recognition?

What are the things you can share publicly that tell your COVID 19 story?

I would write as long an update as I can, am allowed.

I’m going to include pictures.

I’m going to mention the things we did not do so well, what we learned and how we fixed it.

Be a bit vulnerable… NO ONE has done this perfect.

Write the post in the next week and call it something like “A 6 Month COVID 19 Update”

And then be ready to write one again at the end of December or mid January. One part recap and one part looking forward as best you can.

When you do this… send me a note with a link and I gladly share it with my network too.

And… chat with me.

If you have a recruiting question, idea to run by someone or like me just want to nerd out about recruiting, schedule a 30 minute call with me. I want to have more conversations.

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