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Recruiting In A Pandemic: Wake Up Your Company And Leadership Social Media Accounts

Recruiting In A Pandemic, Employer Branding

Take a moment and look at the social media accounts for your company, senior leadership team, hiring managers and… your own.

What story are you telling?

If When that candidate you have been recruiting does research on you all… what will they learn from the past months? Will they see Zoom photos of the team during a call? Will they see an image celebrating recent news? Will they see that you are hiring and have hired?

If the highly sought after person who you don’t know (don’t know is looking) is researching companies to pursue before the end of the year will they see content that appeals to them, gets them excited about you?

Or will they see… nothing?

I appreciate that a screen full of Zoom screen shots is not the most appealing… but you’re still telling your story. You’re showing people what it is like to work there now. You’re showing people what you are working on. You’re active and engaged. You’re showing pride in the team.

Or… you can continue to be silent.

And what message is that sending?

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