Recruiting In A Pandemic: Add COVID-19 Content To Your Career Page And Job Descriptions
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Recruiting In A Pandemic: Check Your Career Page Analytics

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With the recession, pandemic, partial shutdown… whatever you want to call this, are you seeing the number of unique visitors and pageviews on your career page go up, down or do you know?

And how about the ratio of those numbers to applicants, resumes received and inquiries about your jobs?

Qualified applicants increasing or decreasing?

Are the sources of your traffic the same?

If your company is like most, these numbers, ratios and sources have changed a bit.

Some are seeing an increase in total and a reduction in qualified applicants. That makes sense.

A surprisingly higher number though are seeing a reduction in everything. That’s curious and needs to be looked at further.

Some are seeing their traffic from Indeed, LinkedIn, Social Media and Google change.

How about the specific jobs… changes there?

I am asking because the budget and strategy you used last year and planned for this year likely needs to change for the times we are in and for the coming months. You likely need to increase in some areas and reduce in others.

Above is a screen shot for my Minnesota Recruiter Jobs page.

To make it easier to read I chose pageviews by the month with a date range of January 2019 to August 2020.

You don’t see much change which is curious because one might assume, like I do, page views should be up during this time.

More than that, most of the months are down a bit from last year. Curious, right?

And the sources of traffic have changed a bit too.

Same goes for my Minnesota IT Jobs page… things have changed. And with that page I have made changes in budget and time spent on it.

If this is new to you and you are wondering who to ask for this information, and of course this depends on the size of your company, it may be whoever created the site or someone in marketing, data analytics or IT security.

Click => to hear the webinar I recorded that talk about this, and other topics.

And… chat with me.

If you have a recruiting question, idea to run by someone or like me just want to nerd out about recruiting, schedule a 30 minute call with me. I want to have more conversations.

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