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How Do You “Interview”: Recruiting, Job Search And Dating

How To Interview

Question: when you are interviewing a candidate for a job, when you are interviewing for a job, when you are (were) on a date… do you find reasons to include or exclude them from the process?

NOTE: I am thinking out loud through a keyboard to get this idea out of my head… not a well thought out blog post so hang with me on this.

Try this another way… in any part of your life, when you are meeting someone new do you look for reasons to continue to speak with them and want to meet again or are you finding all the reasons not to?

Ponder that…

For me, I am always trying to find shared interests, commonalities and reasons to like someone.

That is my default.

I want to grow with people, share new ideas, be challenged. I want to be around people not like those who already are.

I hesitate to start checking boxes.

Sure, there are obvious one’s (there are the big “deal breakers”) but I prefer to save nuance, in the weeds things for another conversation.

It is in part why I prefer and try to set expectations ahead of time in all circumstances… can we just get together and have a casual conversation and save the interrogation for next time.

And most everyone in all these situations exhales and says yes please and thank you.

We all have “stuff” and none of us are the perfect company, employee or significant other.

My idea of “stop chasing perfect” (a future web site project) is a part of this logic.

So often we hear a hiring manager say, “That candidate was great, but they didn’t have these 3 things.”

And the recruiter is thinking, “But they had the other 15 and your 3 are not core to the role.”

Candidates may say, “I love the company but they can’t match the 20% pay raise I am looking for” yet they have everything else and more.

Dating… oh my, the reasons I have heard friends say they would not see someone again are (looking around to see if any of them are reading this) childish, superficial and arrogant.

Yes… I like 90% of the candidates I speak with and want to learn more about them.

Yes… I am likely to want to see that date again.

Besides… given most people track records in hiring, interviewing and dating it seems that learning more before making a decision makes sense.

I want to learn more. Peel back those layers and get a real idea about a person and them about me before making a judgment.

I appreciate time matters.

I also know, have experienced, the regret of not knowing enough and making a bad decision.

OK… enough thinking out loud.

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