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Episode 2: What You Should Know with Paul DeBettignies aka Minnesota Headhunter

Episode Two of What You Should Know is above.

What you should know before clicking play is that the first 8 minutes of the video is a bit pixelated and the software picked up my laptop audio and not my “cool” mic.

If you’re new to me and this series there is “first some background…” at the bottom that tells the story.

Here are the topics links to people, companies, events, etc. mentioned in the episode:

At the Farm

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Black Tech Talent

Web site | Instagram | Mike Jackson


Web site | Jason Averbook | Jess Von Bank

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Deluxe Corporation

Deluxe moving its headquarters from Shoreview to downtown Minneapolis

Paul DeBettignies


Hire Me

Some background…

I have long missed my conversations before, during and after with Casey Allen and Kathy Grayson when we did the MSP On Deck Podcast.

Like when I started this blog in 2005, I have things to get out of my brain.

With the “shutdown” one of the most frequently asked questions of me is, what’s going on in/with (fill in the blank).

This July 7th text from Kurt Schmidt (@krts), President of Foundry and Creator of The Schmidt List:

Idea: “This week in TC Tech Hiring” a weekly show where you give the low down on who’s hiring and laying people off. I’d listen to it.

And then a marathon of a catch up all with Kurt that included a commitment by me to do something like this and a promise from Kurt that if I didn’t there might be bodily harm done to me.

I did it in less than five days.

I’m not fancy with this and likely will not be… I promise if you have interests in the Minnesota tech scene, are recruiting or doing a job search in the region and are good with tangents, rants and squirrel moments then this may be for you.

Watch the episode and send me a note with feedback => [email protected]

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