A Message For Some Recruiters And Hiring Managers: Find Some Grace
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Pandemic Recruiting: What You and Your Team Should be Doing Right Now

Recruiting in 2020


  • I did a new recording of the session to take care of the video that was a bit off.

Scene: Friday afternoon Zoom with a corporate recruiter friend of mine who is doing some recruiting now and likely quite a bit before the end of year in marketing, sales, IT and HR.

“OK smarty pants, what would you do if you were me?”

And for the next 40 minutes I went off on some of the things I would be doing if I were my corporate recruiter friend.

At the end of my “soapbox” they say:

“Dang (different word was used), that’s some good stuff. You should do a webinar on this”.

I’ve already been doing this with companies for a couple of months… that’s why I had a “smarty pants” reply ready to go.

They were right… it is time to do the webinar.


I am going to do a session on what I think companies (CxO’s, HR, Recruiters and Hiring Mangers) should be doing right now. I firmly believe we are long past the “wait and see stage”… it’s time to lead.

Topics I already know that will be covered:

  • Covid 19 content… you have stuff about WFH and when you may be going back to the office on your career page and job descriptions, right?

  • Google Analytics (whatever tool you use)… you have looked and are seeing a spike in traffic, right?

  • Flashback to January 6th back when things were “normal” you didn’t have time to: rebrand the career page, rewrite those horrid job descriptions, coach the annoying hiring manager, source, etc. Since mid-March you have been able to do some of this stuff, right?

  • What is different and what never changes.

  • Some house cleaning and reminder things that may seem obvious to talk about but many of us are missing.

  • There a bunch more.

  • While there is some strategy… this is mostly a tactical session, to do’s

  • What are you wondering or have questions about? Send me a note => [email protected]


Tuesday, 8/18 at 1 pm CT

It will be 60, maybe 75 minutes depending on questions and how long winded (and fun) I am.


$47 (fee optional)

I was going to start doing trainings and webinars this year and hit the pause button waiting (too long) to see what was going to happen next. I’m experimenting with this so be easy on me (yes, you will receive a receipt)

If you know me and trust this is going to help you, go ahead and pay up front

Want to wait and see if it’s what you need, pay at the end

Pay something, great

Not impressed, no worries (though I highly doubt that will be the case)

Unemployed/furloughed please don’t pay, truly


Click Pandemic Recruiting: What You and Your Team Should be Doing Right Now v2


I am using Crowdcast for the first time so I expect a glitch or two with this session… it will add to the fun

What you get:

Access to the recording for 2 weeks and I’ll email you the deck

Can’t make it?

No worries… sign up and listen on demand

Seeing this after the 18th?

No worries… register and listen “on demand”

What’s next:

The next day, 8/20, I am going to do a comprehensive webinar on how to maintain and grow a recruiter brand. More details coming late today.

September will be the first Minnesota Talent Leaders conversation. More details on that next week.

Chat with me:

I have updated Calendly and opened some time the remainder of August… if you have a recruiting question, idea to run by someone or like me just want to nerd out about recruiting, schedule a 30 minute call with me. Please… I want to have more conversations. Click Paul DeBettignies calendar

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