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Pandemic Recruiting: What You and Your Team Should be Doing Right Now

A Message For Some Recruiters And Hiring Managers: Find Some Grace


“They seemed unfocused”

“There was distraction in the background”

“I can’t tell if they want to work here or are desperate for a job”

“That felt like a therapy session, not a job interview”

These are some notes I have seen over the past months regarding candidates and their interviews. I have no doubt these are accurate assessments.

My question to Recruiters and Hiring Managers is this… how are you doing?

How are you doing with Covid 19, social unrest, an election, distance learning, caring for a parent and all the uncertainty that is in the world, workplace and your backyard?

Now imagine you have been laid off or furloughed and are doing a job search. In a recession that is unlike any we have seen.

You’re applying for jobs and receiving few if any replies.

How would you be performing?

How would your interview go after doing a morning of distance learning with your kid, a phone call with your dad about your mom’s doctor appointment and the dog puked on the carpet?

Don’t laugh… that happened to a friend of mine before their final interview.

How would you be doing?

Let’s hope as 2020 progresses your company and job are stable and you don’t find out.

During this time may I suggest you give those you are interviewing extra opportunity to shine, spend a little more time getting to know them, be honest with them about your hiring timeline and mostly… allow them to be themselves and then not use that against them.

May I suggest to some of you… show some grace

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