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One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, “Hey Paul, who’s hiring?” and I frequently know of some cool things that are not always found via Indeed, LinkedIn or Google for Jobs.

With COVID 19 and the “shutdown” the question has become more frequent and intense.

During the “Great Recession” of 10+ years ago on Wednesday’s (and then more days with more demand) I tweeted out jobs, companies hiring and those looking for work.

I should have kept doing some version of this.

I did a test on this back in April but it was too soon. Most job seekers and employers were not ready.

They seem to be now.


I have started Tweeting jobs on @MNHeadhunter and for now 8 or so a day near the :07 of the hour.

In the coming days I am going to put together a quick page or web site to host these.

As an example… here the roles I posted yesterday (7/22/20). The bit.ly url goes to the company career page:

  • In honor of the Jamf IPO this morning… they should be the first => Senior Software Engineer & Cloud Operations Engineer. Also roles in Sales | Support. Click => https://bit.ly/2E4oANP

  • Rally Health is looking for a Senior Talent Manager Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and roles in Engineering | Security | Data. Click => https://bit.ly/3jvbv0w

  • When I Work is looking for a Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager. Sales and Strategy roles too. Click => http://bit.ly/2SDCTOr

  • OneOme is looking for a Chief Medical Officer and Chief Technical Officer. Click => https://bit.ly/39hUWjI

  • Total Expert is looking for a Sales Director, Enterprise - Credit Unions and Marketing Content Director, Mortgage. And multiple roles in Product and Engineering. Click => http://bit.ly/2Z8VnWZ

  • Evereve is looking for part time Sales Associates/Stylists and Visual Merchandisers for their area stores. Click => http://bit.ly/2HF10Wp

A few notes:


  • Yes, if you write out the content I will post for you
  • Cost, free for the foreseeable future
  • All kinds of jobs (they gotta be legal)
  • Does this help… what else/more could I be doing?

Job Seekers

  • Apply to these companies directly, I have no role other than posting
  • I’ll be doing more job search content next week
  • This is an added tool for you… do not just rely on what I am posting
  • Does this help… what else/more could I be doing?

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