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Minnesota Morning (video): Midyear Reflection, Playing Small And Be Your Own Headhunter Webinars

Here it is… my first “video”.

Not my first ever but first where I click record and see what happens.

Why this versus a written post:

- It’s faster

- I don’t edit it (yet Smile)

- For a long I have been finding it very difficult to write… to get things out of my head, through the keyboard and on to the screen

How often will I do this? Likely 1-2 times a week along with 1-2 written posts.

Today… what was on my mind:

  • A couple of mid year reflections including this… I’ve been playing small
  • Blog post coming next week about where we are, the economy is with
  • I didn’t say much about it but I have a big “ask” of you all next week for my birthday
  • I am bringing back my Be Your Own Headhunter job search webinars. While NOT updated yet (disregard what is there now, that is old info)… this page will be updated this weekend =>
  • Sooooo proud of => Lily

One more step in playing big again.

Happy Friday

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