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Managing Your IT Career v.COVID 19 (Why do recruiters suck so bad?)


Hello Minnesota Tech Friends… to get started, click the video above for some info.

Really… click it

Did you?


Here’s the deal, I’ve been thinking about doing this… and then going to do this for the past six weeks. Notice thinking about and going to do this but have not.

No more thinking… we’re going to do this even with little (less than a day) notice. If you can’t join me live or are seeing this post after… click the link and register anyway. It will be available on demand.


  • June 16th at 12 pm CDT

Where (to register):


  • I’ll have some prepared topics (see agenda) for about 15 minutes

  • Q&A from you and email received

  • I want to engage so please type comments and I’ll answer back

  • I will be very laid back and casual


  • What is the job market like right now
  • What skill sets are most in demand
  • Tips on if I have to be doing a job search right now
  • Tips on if I want to voluntarily do a job search right now
  • The economy… how I see it now and as the year progresses
  • Questions already received
    • Networking virtually, how to do it
    • Where do I find virtual events
    • The year seemed promising, was it
    • I’m a recent bootcamp grad, what do I do now

Send a question in advance:

Who am I

  • If you are new to me, I have been recruiting in the Twin Cities for 20+ years helping companies of all kinds and sizes build their engineering, product, digital and data teams. I also do recruiting process and strategy things. And be an advocate for them in the tech and business scene. Look to your right and you’ll see links to LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram where you’ll find more info. I speak a lot and get on TV and radio now and again. That last line… I’m an introvert and despise promoting myself but I am told I should start taking (doing) the advice I give.

Why does the title include (Why do recruiters suck so bad?)

  • A number of years ago the camera in the room was not recording and I was asked not to start. We had that awkward, weird silence. I said, “While we wait, what do you want to know?” and someone in the back of the room asked, “why do recruiters suck so bad?” and most in the room started laughing. Of course, this is when the camera started recording. So… I added it in the title because EVERY year someone does ask the question.

NOTE… in the video I mention that Minnestar did have a virtual event in April:

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