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Conversation With A CEO: You Shouldn’t Stop Recruiting During The Coronavirus Shutdown

It’s Time To Go

Ready It's Time To Go

I’m done sitting around reacting to the news of the day: Coronavirus, layoffs, politics and whatever else is bringing on stress.

Dealing with the Coronavirus has already been a part of my work for… eight weeks.

Eight weeks.

Eight weeks of me reacting.

I’m done.

It’s time to go forward now.

This weekend and into next week you’re going to see a number of things I will be promoting. Things that had been on my mind when 2020 started (and in some cases for years) and it’s time to do them regardless of what the current conditions are.

Keep Minnesota Working

This one is obviously new and will be an ongoing effort well after. I’m receiving a number of messages asking who is hiring, what resources are there and what should they after filing for unemployment.

I will start Tweeting jobs Monday morning using #WhosHiringMN and encourage others to do the same.

I did acquire (no landing page yet) => KeepMinnesotaWorking.com

Be Your Own Headhunter

For nearly a year, since Minnebar ‘2019 and especially after Twin Cities Startup Week, the number of inquiries I have been receiving from people (not just those in tech) to be their job search coach has been significant. I am updating a lot of content as this is needed now. And while I was, still am, going to charge a small fee for the session it is going to be free to those unemployed along with recent college and bootcamp grads.

I reacquired (no landing page yet) => BeYourOwnHeadhunter.com

Recruiting Into A Slowing Economy, Recession And Coming Out The Other Side

To be blunt… most companies are dropping the ball. So many groups have a blank career page. At a time when they could be communicating about future hiring needs and collecting contact information… they have nothing.

Whether we will have a V, W, U or L shaped recovery it will take most groups some (a lot) time to staff up again. This will increase the length of the slowdown for them. I don’t get it. They’re making it worse.

So… I will do a free webinar giving ideas that that leadership and recruiting teams should be doing during this time.

Create, Maintain and Grow Your Recruiter Brand

For sure I should have been doing this in 2018 and 2019 when recruiting was at a fever pitch. I’ll be doing it now so my peers can be ready for what comes after the shutdown.

Finding Clients

I don’t know if it was a mistake, but I stopped doing business development on my own behalf the past month. Rather, I wanted to be a trusted source of information for companies on preparing for working from home. I didn’t want to infringe on inboxes that needed to be used for more pressing things.

This weekend… I am beginning my reach out to employers in Minneapolis. St Paul and the region. After taking nearly two months away, I want to get back to helping employers build their teams. If you or your company are hiring I would like to chat about the varying ways I can lend a hand =>

It’s time to go… it’s time to share information… it’s time to help

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Dennis Still

Absolutely Paul! If I can help anyone, please direct them my way. Glad to help you move forward!

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