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I’m Worried About The Impact Of Coronavirus On Individuals

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Today’s edition of…

I posted this earlier today on Facebook:

Let me be serious for a moment…

Get away from a potential baby boom, lost spring break trips and March Madness being cancelled for a moment and think about our families, friends, neighbors and those we don’t see often… I’m worried about:

  • Those in bad, abusive relationships: more time at home with those who are hurting others

  • Food supply: those with low incomes, who lack transportation, don’t have adequate storage

  • Isolation: those who are already alone and isolated will be even more so

  • Parents: those who already severely struggle with the role and may be without a paycheck or working from home and are not set up for it

  • Stress: we all have more about finances, health, kids, parents, jobs

  • Elderly: this is obvious

  • Healthcare workers: They're taking care of our families and their own. And they're working in this "petri dish" every day.

While we are all trying to find some levity and have our own situations to think, worry about… let’s keep our eyes and ears open to trouble others may be having.

I know that people are not being flip or dismissive of what is going on.

The idea of quality family time, living room forts and people “reconnecting” are good.

While in the back of my mind I have been thinking about the health outcomes of the virus and long ago made contingency plans with my Mom… it is the economy that has had me worried.

Last week I went from cautious, to concerned to worried about it… in one week.

It was when I started checking in with friends about how they were doing that the macro impact… mental health side of this got my attention.

When you can… reach out to those around you.

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