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Stripping It Down… Going Acoustic

Going Acoustic

(Photo by 42 North from Pexels)

I was tired of the noise… of things being over thought and more complicated than they needed to be. And that was just my brain and what it had been doing for a long time. Then add in everyone, everything else and their noise. It was a lot.

And then I had a moment.

A couple of months ago, I remember this vividly, I was driving home on a Friday afternoon and it had been a chaotic week. A really good one for sure but one that had my brain feeling like my ears did after a concert. That fuzzy, buzzing sound. I needed some quiet.

Then a song came on the radio from Matt Nathanson. He redid some Def Leppard tunes, I was not yet aware, including Hysteria.

First, the Def Leppard version from 1986:

Not super loud with cranking guitars but some high energy for sure.

Now listen to Matt Nathanson’s version:

Simple… raw. So good.

It got me thinking… why does everything need to be so much, so complicated, more?

What if instead of 80’s rock band (my brain) I could go with acoustic, stripped down, simple and raw?

While thinking about this I noticed I had actually turned up the volume. The music was louder but I felt more at peace.

I noticed in the following weeks that as I started trying to strip a few things down that I was doing it more and more with all things.

What if those long 20 bullet point wish list of a dream candidate (read that as robot) job descriptions were 2-3 paragraphs of what the role was really like and who we would be doing it with.

What if business development (finding new clients) was less sales and corporate speak and more what role can I play in your recruiting and what’s the one obstacle you need out of your way.

What if those crazy online dating descriptions were less world traveler, foodie, perfect photos with the best filters and more real, raw, of who we are looking for. What if you were honest and transparent.

And the big one for me… what if I stripped out all the noise in my head, thinking of all the things, playing the game as I saw it through to the end and wasting hours, days weeks… and made things more mellow, less complicated, less over thought, trusted my gut, my internal compass? How much easier would things be?

How much happier could I be?

I’m relatively new to this and my brain is already less 80’s rock and more acoustic. It’s a much better tune. The music has more feeling.

I feel better.

I even… researched taking guitar lessons.

When you get that feelin', better start believin'

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