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Be Ready

Be Ready

A couple of weeks ago after a series of conversations with friends, colleagues, candidates and yes, myself I posted this:

“What do you want today? For the Holidays? In 2020? Maybe it’s a job, better health, relationship, find faith or less stress. And if an answer, a solution presented itself… would you be ready for it? Could you grab it? And hold on and fight for it? Be ready.”

In those conversations most people were not ready for the thing they were looking for.

A friend of a friend was referred to me because they had started doing a Product Designer job search. Out of the blue a recruiter from a company they were interested in reached out to them. But they weren’t ready. Their resume hadn’t been updated in a number years and their portfolio did not show their recent projects that would really show off their skills.

A friend of mine started dating after many years of being single, post-divorce. They met a really cool person and they were a really good match for each other. Unfortunately, my friend had never dealt with some stuff from their marriage.

An old neighbor of mine had been eyeing a home on Lake Minnetonka for a long time. It could be their forever home. My old neighbor reached out to the current owner to express interest even the home was not for sale. The owner of the home was likely going to be selling it in three years after the last child would leave for college. That plan changed four months later after they were promoted and relocated out of state. The home was put up for sale. Unfortunately, my old neighbor had spent some money unwisely and their credit score dropped.

Since those conversations a few more happened with some common themes:

I’m not there yet

I’m not ready

I have to do “X” to prepare

There’s a lot to do before I can

What if the job in your company you wanted to be promoted to became available, would you be ready?

What if you met “the one”… that person who you could see yourself with for the rest of your life. Would you be emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually ready?

What do you want? What are you willing to do to get it and if it became available… would you be able to catch it?

Losing out on an opportunity because we weren’t ready… sucks.

Get your resume updated, fix your credit, do the therapy, bike the miles and do the yoga.

Friends… be ready.

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