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Survey: Minneapolis #10 Most Affordable Tech City

Top 10 Affordable Tech Cities

I haven’t had one of these in a while.

By “these” I mean a survey that once again points out the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul are a great place to live and work.

This one comes from => Silicon Valley Is Over! Top 10 Cities Where Techies Can Actually Afford to Live and starts with:

“Back in his mid-20s, John Malone was right where he'd always dreamed he would be: working as a software engineer in San Francisco. Yet even with a full-time job, Malone found himself "totally broke. I lived in a three-bedroom house with six other guys."

Realizing he could never afford to buy (or even rent) his own place, Malone started searching for work back where he'd grown up in Minneapolis. He was pleasantly surprised to find plenty of tech jobs offering decent salaries—and (the clincher) affordable homes.”

This story is one we have seen repeated many, many times the past years of people moving to or back the region to find a good quality of life, good jobs and reasonably priced homes.

Info specific to Minneapolis:

“Minneapolis is right behind Chicago as the second-largest economic center in the Midwest. What most folks don't realize is that the area is home to a whopping 85 firms on Inc. 5000's 2019 list of the fastest-growing companies in America. Many of these firms are high-tech, including software company SPS Commerce and online networking platform Field Nation, which has grown by more than 1,073% since 2010. It's also the headquarters of megastores Target and Best Buy.

Minnesota isn't just importing its tech talent, it's also nurturing it in a grass-roots way, too. The Best Buy Teen Tech Center, open since 2017, is dedicated to bringing tech access and skills to teenagers at five locations (and counting) in the Twin Cities.”

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