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Paul DeBettignies To Speak At Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul #120

Paul DeBettignies at Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul

That sounds like a formal headline… this is me taking my own advice and example of the kind I will be giving in a couple of weeks at SMBMSP focusing in part on our personal digital profiles.

I bumped into Mykl Roventine at Minnebar 2019 and we had a quick conversation about me coming back to the SMBMSP group and leading a career conversation. I love this group and was at one time the “most frequent speaker”… this will be my 6th presentation. I’m thrilled to be coming back.

I have a “concern” that a lot of people (most everyone) have fallen into a (false) sense of job security and/or are not ready for the next internal promotion or new client. Generally speaking the economy has been doing well. We hear about the “shortage of talent” a lot in the media and how companies can’t find who they are looking for.

That’s generally true.

However, there are some signs of a slight cooling:

  • GDP will not be as high in 2019 as 2018

  • The “we’re hiring” survey numbers are a touch lower than last year

  • Tariffs have some companies hiring not as many people as before

A couple of posts of mine you may find interesting:

(I made this in December of 2018 and I am sticking to it)

(fresh data posted 2 weeks ago)

To be clear… things are still good.

But it’s likely time for most everyone to take a pause and assess where our jobs, careers and/or consulting practices are at. When times are good we tend to spend less time on our personal digital profiles. So think of this conversation as tending to that garden… we’re going to pull some weeds, add some fertilizer, prune and add some landscaping. Can you tell this is how I spent some time over the holiday weekend?

I’m going to talk about researching companies/clients that we are thinking we want to work with now and in the future and starting those relationships.

And a bonus… I’m going to show how I do my sourcing and recruiting, and what attracts hiring managers/clients, based on your digital profile.

Are you ready for the next promotion, job search or landing that new/big client?

If not… you should hang out with us.

Plus, there’s bacon.

Here are the details:

Promotions, New Clients, Career Changes—Be Prepared


Thu, July 25, 2019

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM CDT


The Neu Neu Event Center | Formerly 514 Studios

514 North 3rd Street

Minneapolis, MN 55401




Social Media Breakfast: Promotions, New Clients, Career Changes—Be Prepared


Whether you're gearing up to land a big promotion, searching for a new job, or trying to land an important client, your digital profile is just as important as your kick-ass qualifications.

Paul DeBettignies, better known as Minnesota Headhunter (and longtime friend of SMBMSP), is ready to help you reach your next professional milestone. He'll share best practices to research companies & potential clients, create a winning online profile, and even give us a look behind the curtain at his process for sourcing and recruiting new hires for some of the most prominent companies in town.

If you fall into one of these groups (and don't we all?), you won't want to miss this talk.

  • Consultants & freelancers targeting new clients
  • Marketing and PR pros preparing for an internal promotion
  • Recent coding bootcamp grads
  • Those concerned with their current job security
  • And everyone in between

This will be a highly interactive session with Q & A throughout. If you have a question in advance you would like Paul to cover, send him an email.

This event is on Thursday: We've moved to Thursdays for the Summer

Parking Note: Construction and ramp closings have reduced the number of available spots in the area. Please plan for extra time to find on-street, metered parking spaces.

Featured Speaker:

Paul DeBettignies (@mnheadhunter)
Principal, Sr IT Recruiter, Minnesota Headhunter, LLC

Paul is an experienced recruiter who helps startups and tech companies build the right teams to take their business to the next level of success. As an advisor to Fortune 500 clients, he also creates recruiting strategies to find and retain the best talent that matches both their immediate needs and long-term goals.

As a speaker, trainer, and subject matter expert on recruiting, HR, and career networking, Paul frequently speaks at national events, including the Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp, Google for Entrepreneurs, SourceCon, and many more. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the ever-changing employment ecosystem, he's often interviewed for segments on NPR, WCCO AM, NBC, MSP Business Journal, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and more.

Paul also supports the local technology, marketing and social media scene as a supporter of Twin Cities Startup Week, MinneBar & MinneDemo, DocuMNtary, Make It MSP, Prime Digital Academy, and is the founder of Minnesota Talent Leaders and Midwest Recruiting Bootcamp.

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