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50 Weeks Of Service… My Countdown To Turning 50

50 Weeks of Service

I turned 49 yesterday.

As usual… I let the day generally go by with little fanfare. I’m not a birthday person… not my own. I love yours.

I did have a wonderful weekend connecting with friends.

There were a lot of birthday wishes on Facebook… I am grateful that so many people took a moment to say hello.

I called Mom around 8:30 am as I do every year as it is around the time I was born. She is the best and I am thankful for her in so many ways. And I spent some time with a special someone (not talking publicly about this yet).

And that was the day… kind of the way I like it.

But turning 50… feels important to me. It feels like I should do something with it. Do something for others. Make an impact in some way.

The idea as I type this is: 50 Weeks of Service.

For the 50 weeks leading up to my birthday do something that helps others in some way: time, mentorship, volunteering and raising money.

After thinking this out a bit I was concerned about how much time this may take to plan and execute. Then I had this thought, how fortunate am I that this is my “problem”.

I need your help:

  • I need to know where you volunteer and what groups you assist. Who needs a hand? What does that mean?

  • If you are a nonprofit… how can I help?

  • Might you do this with me?

  • Would you share this blog post and future ones as I write about this?

Here’s what I think are my strengths, my interests, want to do and ways my brain, hands and mouth (blog) can be of use:

  • I work hard.

  • I’m a great laborer… not so much skilled. I’m more a push a wheelbarrow than figure out an angle on something kind of guy

  • I know people and have a network of really amazing humans.

  • Activities that focus on the young, old, hunger and the environment. Also, career and job search related.

Working outside is good for my soul.

Putting a smile on another’s face… releasing a burden from another feeds my soul.

I’d like to keep this to within 30 miles of Downtown Minneapolis.

This is where I am at so far and gladly take any advice you may have.

And I have a hashtag of course => #50WeeksOfService

Feedback… please, I need it.

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Steve Jewell

Hi Paul- Great idea and way to weekly bring in the NEXT decade. I am 61 myself and see THIS decade ahead full of surprises and gratitude.

I have a couple of ideas for 1 or 2 of your 50 weeks if you'd like to connect and talk.

Cheers to 49!

cell: 612-597-5230

gabriel skelly

Come do the Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride with me as a rider or crew member.

Sara Fleetham

This one could have a few ideas.

2 that I am involved with are Listening House in St Paul and Hope for the Journey Home Family Shelter in Oakdale (might be beyond your 30 miles). Happy to connect you if interested.

Kristie Smith

So love this idea!! Would love to have you volunteer for Da Vinci Fest, Saturday, January 25 at Stillwater Area High School as a science/tech judge in the morning or as a volunteer during the afternoon. It’s a day filled with science, arts and upcycling - students compete in the morning and there are 40+ exhibitors in the afternoon for a free, open to the public educational exhibitors fair. We have about 2,500 people come through the day. Hosted by the nonprofit The Partnership Plan.

Megan Mrozek

Love this idea, Paul!! The Minnesota Red Cross has tons of opportunity for longer term work- getting trained to respond to house fires around Minneapolis, helping as a volunteer recruiter, and so much more. For short term, they’ll definitely have a one day opportunity in the spring to help install smoke alarms!

More details here: https://www.redcross.org/local/minnesota/volunteer.html or you can reach out to me directly at Megan.mrozek@redcross.org

Megan Mrozek

Or, even easier, donate blood if you’re able or recruit other people to donate! Every two seconds someone on this country needs blood and only 3% of the population donates. The supply is at constant risk! Red Cross has an awesome app for donors or you can do to redcrossblood.org to find a drive.

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