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One of the most frequently questions I receive is where should someone go online to find a Minneapolis and St Paul Tech, IT, Data, Design or UX job. I put a list together below of where I would look.

NOTE: this is part of a project I am starting at the end of June ‘19 to put together a resource page => <= for Minnesota tech professionals and those looking to live and work here.

A few things to know:

  • This may not be a complete list… if you know of a site I should add, send me a note
  • These are the jobs companies are posting elsewhere… be sure to visit company career pages
  • Not all jobs are posted on a job board.
  • Not all jobs get aggregated by Indeed
  • Not all jobs are posted on a company career page (that’s a rant for my next recruiter conference)

So please… treat this as one of the tools in your job search, not the only one.

Local and Regional Job Boards:

“Big” Job Boards:

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