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Minnesota Morning… Minnebar14, Evereve, Foundry And ADX Labs Are Hiring

Lake Minnetonka

“It’s like you’ve been hiding in plain sight”

A tech friend of mine said that to the me the other day. They felt like while they see me online a few times a week (Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) they don’t know anything about what has been, is going on.

I have been quiet more than usual. It was one part those what felt like never ending winter storms and cold fronts, one part some changes in my personal life and one part meeting with lots of companies to hear about how recruiting is going from their perspective.

So yes, I’ve been in plain sight. Not exactly hiding but not saying much.

Spring has sprung and I am feeling supermotivated… funny how a little rest, less on the mind and perspective can make such a big difference.

And it’s about to get real busy…

MinneBar 14

This Saturday 1,000 or so people will be attending the greatest one day tech event our region has. And this year… no freak blizzard to worry about.

And I’m really looking forward to it. The hardest part, and a great problem to have, is trying to have all the conversations I want to have along with seeing all the sessions. There’s not enough time. And that’s OK.

Currently there is a “Wait List” for tickets which you can find by clicking => Minnebar14 registration

Current sessions can be found by clicking => Minnebar14 sessions. If you have a moment click on the sessions you may attend so the organizers can optimize for space. And that gets me to…

To show interest in my annual session click => Managing Your IT Career v11 (Why do recruiters suck so bad?) Last year I was in the Theater and had 150+ attendees. You can see it by clicking => My Minnebar 2018 Presentation: Managing Your IT Career v10 (Why Recruiters Suck So Bad)

Follow the conversation on Twitter => #Minnebar

Evereve Growing The Tech Team

Evereve Is HiringWe’re adding to the Evereve tech team, HQ’d in Edina, and looking for:

  • e-Commerce Developer

  • Full-Stack Web Developer

  • Digital Content Developer

  • Digital Growth Marketer

  • Quality Assurance and Automation

I love the team here. It’s a mix of senior developers, a couple recent Prime grads. those with retail and ecommerce and those without. If you’re looking for a place where you will do a bunch of things… no two days are the same, this might be a place for you. Click => Evereve Careers to learn more about the company and to learn more about the tech roles click => Web Developer - Ruby, PHP, Magento & Developer – eCommerce & Development and Technology - We're building a Team!

You’ll see we are more about who you are, your want and ability to learn technology than we are about how many years of experience you have in one thing.

Foundry Is Hiring

Well “hired” technically as we added 3 Designers in the past weeks.

I love this team because it’s like the agency you want to work for but doesn’t exist. Normal working hours, creative people without large egos and clients you want to do work with and for. Foundry isn’t just making software or an app… they are a business partner with their client. They really are different in a very, very good way.

While taking a pause on immediate hiring of Designers, we will be adding to the team in the coming months and throughout 2019.

We are now and throughout the year looking for (click =>) Developers. They’re a really talented bunch and many (most) of them have side hustles, a startup idea or pursuing hobbies on their own time.

You can find (and follow) Foundry by clicking => Web site, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. To subscribe to the Foundry newsletter scroll down to the bottom of any web page.

Speaking of Minnebar… Foundry is a sponsor of Minnestar.

ADX Labs Is Looking For A Senior Tech Leader

ADX Labs is the $100M+ tech holding company that no one in town has heard of. We’re looking for what is titled a Director of IT. That may not be the best title for what this is but we have not fond a better one yet.

We are looking for someone who (borrowing from the job description) “If you think the words governance, audit, accountability, structure, systems and controls are sexy you’ll be interested in us and this role.”

To see more about this click => .

If you are going to be attending Javascript MN (tomorrow night), Minnebar (Saturday) or RailsConf 19 (next week) and would like to meet… send me a note paul@mnheadhunter.com

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