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St Paul #10 Best City For Women In Tech

Top 15 Cities For Women In TechFor the past five years SmartAsset has put together data (gender pay gap, income after housing costs, tech jobs filled by women and four year employment growth) and ranked them. Click The Best Cities for Women in Tech in 2019 for this years survey.

St Paul appears on the list (again) ranking #10:

St. Paul ranks in the top 15 for only one of our metrics: It lands at 12th for gender pay gap. But while it doesn’t hit the heights in any single metric, it also won’t leave women in tech with much to complain about. St. Paul ranks no worse than 33rd in any single metric — in the income after housing data point — and ranks in the top 20 in two metrics.

Minneapolis appears on the larger list at #42.

As I do… I take a look to see where we rank compared to other cities in the “Midwest”… #7 Kansas City, #11 Detroit, #14 Indianapolis & #33 Chicago.

Previous year rankings:


#6 St Paul

  • No city in our study has a faster growing tech industry than St. Paul. According to our data, the number of tech jobs grew by 41% from 2013 to 2016.
  • Women are fairly well-represented in the tech industry. Women in St. Paul occupy 26.4% of total tech jobs and the average women earns 89% of what the average man earns.

#35 Minneapolis


#12 St Paul

  • Median annual earnings for women in St. Paul in computer and mathematical positions were $61,034 in 2015. Men in similar roles earn roughly 13.8% more, indicating that the gender pay gap in St. Paul has widened. Now, it’s only slightly smaller than the national average.
  • One reason why St. Paul ranks among the top 15 cities on our list is its relatively large four-year tech employment growth. The number of math and computer-related jobs in the city increased by 18% between 2012 and 2015. That’s faster than average.

#29 Minneapolis


#11 St Paul

  • Both of Minnesota’s Twin Cities rank among the 15 best U.S. cities for women in technology. St. Paul has a slightly lower gender pay gap than Minneapolis (7% vs. 10%). Women also constitute a slightly larger percentage of the tech workforce in St. Paul than in Minneapolis (26.5% vs. 25.2%).

#13 Minneapolis

  • Minneapolis is one of the nation’s most well-educated cities. That gives it (and the entire Twin Cities region) an edge in drawing companies who need workers with a background in computer science and computer programming. The number of tech jobs in Minneapolis grew by 19% from 2011 to 2014, the ninth-highest increase in the country.

2015 (they changed their weighting system after this first survey)

#36 Minneapolis

#50 St Paul

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