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MSP On Deck Podcast #28: Final Podcast For One Of Us, How We Started And A Little What’s Next

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Well… we’re back after a 2 month hiatus and A LOT has changed for Kathy Grayson, Casey Allen and I and I can say this with certainty, you’ll want to listen to this episode as it is full of beginnings, endings and change. In the end… all for the better.

We start right from the gate with Kathy changing our intro… Kathy is no longer at the Business Journal, Casey is a new and proud dad and I am a single dude. That last item is not nearly as big as the others. We’ve all known about our news items but this is the first time we’ve been all together since the end of December.

And it felt like a long overdue family reunion.

We start with me asking Kathy a lot of questions about her new role as a Senior Internal Digital Communications Specialist at Medtronic… what is the transition like for her and how the day to day has changed.

We spoke about her time (12 years) at the Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal… who she liked interviewing, stories she didn’t cover and would have liked to and the Twitter accounts @StartupMJackson and @aarpangelsmn

Alex Wittenberg is the new Kathy and he has already been doing a great job covering the Minneapolis and St Pau tech scene. You can find him => @mspbjWittenberg on LinkedIn and send him an email awittenberg@bizjournals.com

We went in depth on how this MSP On Deck podcast started and the evolution of it. How Casey and I decided to do it, how it was easy to want to do it with Kathy, other potential podcast names we had, the audio issues, what we would different, how we came to the Foundry podcast studio, dares and top episodes.

We speak a bit about what we’re individually doing and focusing on in 2019 including projects, puppies and diapers, startup job fairs and life after being a business reporter.

Will the podcast continue? Absolutely. Casey and I have not yet had enough time to talk about what is next with format, how frequent, etc. So stayed tune because this will continue.

And… our last dares.

Kathy dares you to take her place on the podcast.

Casey dares you to stop reading new books and go back and reread one that had an impact on you.

Mine… is in direct, in your face and a bit personal. It is meant just as much for me as it is for you.

And we close out.

Photo from this last episode… I freaking love these humans:

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Here we go…

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