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Minnesota Morning: Nerdery Layoffs, Apruve Funding, Remote Work And Hack The Gap This Weekend

Good news… we have had a warmer than average winter so far and we are more than halfway through meteorological winter. Bad news… it’s gonna get freaking cold next week. We’re getting a taste of it now and next week it’s going to be full on arctic for a few days. Which gets me to this Tweet:

19-1 Weather Tweet
So what do you call it when the high temperature starts with a ”-“ sign?

I’m hoping I can take this time to get a bunch of things done versus being under a blanket on the couch. Although… that would lead to a nap and I should add that on the list of things to do.

Nerdery Layoffs

Last week the Nerdery announced that they had let go 32 members of the team including closing the Kansas City office (a few were asked to remain remote) and a few from Minneapolis and Chicago. The announcement was posted on the company web site => Nerdery increasing focus and investing in areas of growth. Their post includes a note that they are “adding talent in the areas of data science, cloud, systems architecture, platform modernization, experience design, and more — including three C-level positions: Chief Technology Officer, Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Human Resources Officer.” Clicking => Nerdery Careers finds a number of roles with what at this time seems an emphasis on the Phoenix office. For me this is another example of a company making some changes that I wrote about => 2019 Minnesota Jobs Prediction. Many companies are going to add, cut and shift people around a lot this year.

Apruve Funding

Minneapolis’ Apruve Raises $6 Million in Funding was the news from Apruve yesterday. I first met Michael Noble 5+ years ago when they working at Fueled Collective. They’ve worked very hard to find the right problem/solution to work on. They’ve been close and now it seems they have it nailed down. Click Apruve Jobs to see what roles they are adding to the team.

Remote Work

I am always on the look out for articles about remote teams. This one => Why We’re All in on Remote Work had my full attention on the first line “People are always shocked when I tell them that SureSwift Capital is a completely remote workplace with 75 people working across 14 timezones.” Kevin McArdle, CEO and Co Founder of SureSwift Capital, walks us through the why and how they do remote work including the systems and tool they use. Click => SureSwift Capital Careers if remote work is of interest to you.


Hack the Gap

One of my favorite events is this weekend… Hack the Gap. In their 5th year “Hack the Gap is a two-day hackathon aimed at creating a high-energy weekend where women and non-binary people from all backgrounds and experience levels can enjoy an accessible, approachable, positive experience.”

I am a past sponsor of the event and this year spoke with a few companies to lend their support. They can be a much bigger help than I can as an individual. Click Hack the Gap Sponsors and if you see a group you are familiar with send them a note thanking them. Click => Demo Day… I think you can still get tickets. And follow #hackthegap on Twitter.

Minnesota Photos:

This week we had the Super Blood Wolf Moon. I have been a moon gazer for as long as I can remember and I wanted to be sure to at least take a moment to witness it. I put on a bunch of layers to deal with cold thinking I had some walking to do but as I walked out the door and looked up, there it was. I could have likely taken some more artistic photos by getting the trees involved but it was late and I wanted to sleep. Click => Super Blood Wolf Moon to more Instagram photos.


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