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My Minnebar 2018 Presentation: Managing Your IT Career v10 (Why Recruiters Suck So Bad)

Paul DeBettignies at Minnebar 13

Minnestar sent out their email newsletter today and I saw after the Minnedemo 31 save the date for February 7 at Pantages Theater and the Minnebar 14 save the date for April 27th at Best Buy HQ’s… there is a note that Minnebar 13 session were posted in the past days and one of the videos in the image is mine.

And I thought… oh (bleep), did I say anything stupid that was caught on the audio?

So I am listening to it and taking notes for you here so you know ahead of time if this has some value to you. I’m talking about:

  • Why “Why Recruiters Suck So Bad” is in my session title. And no, I don’t think all recruiters suck. And I explain why some tech pros think we do

  • I do a quick intro of me and worked in that the “Badgers Suck”. I look forward to having a picture of Paul Bunyan’s Axe

  • Then clients who I was working with phData (Big Data consulting), Daugherty Business Solutions (IT Consultants) & Livefront (iOS & Android Dev’s and Designers)

  • My love for Prime Digital Academy

  • I mention the MSP on Deck podcast and CoCo now Fueled Collective

  • What the local job market is like and I use terms like funky, churn and weird

  • Why tech salaries seem stagnant

  • Why Midwest employers seem slow to hire Junior Dev’s

  • How to find potential employers that are not well known (and a what is going on in St Paul)

I pause on my agenda and take some questions from the crowd:

  • What is the definition of a Jr Dev for a big company and by a Jr Dev (you will hear a loud giggle during my answer)

  • I have a long rant about companies (and the tech industry) inability to deal with the Junior Dev situation

  • How does the Minneapolis tech scene rank with other cities (and I share some data)

  • I mention something I call “Minnesota Nice Passive Aggressive We Don’t Like To Promote Ourselves Syndrome”

  • Is this a good time to go to the Bay Area for a job

  • What to do if you are new to Minnebar

  • How to promote that your company is hiring

  • Salary differences between the Bay Area and Minneapolis (and a New York City example)

  • Trend of tech companies HQ’d somewhere else opening an office in the Twin Cities

  • Yes, most job descriptions suck

  • If you are a generalist… ideas on how to do a job search

  • How do you know if a Recruiter is worth working with (find someone who cares about you)

  • Ageism is a thing in tech and what it means for everyone

  • Salary expectations for a Junior Dev

  • Do not just apply for a job online… reach out to a human

  • I give an “Application Tracking System 101” for Dev’s

  • If you want to start learning to code, what should you start with

  • How to make it so your role is not outsourced or offshored

So… I don’t think I said anything stupid. Or cringeworthy.

I think I see a lot of individual blog posts in the future.

Here is the video:

I am thankful for those who attended, asked questions, engaged and Tweeted nice things. I hope everyone walked away with what they were looking for.

If you are watching this and you have questions about anything I said or want to dig deeper on a topic send me an email.

As is with every Minnebar… there were a lot of awesome presentations. To see other videos click Minnestar Media were you will find hundreds of Minnebar and Minnedemo sessions.

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