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Coding Bootcamp Job Search Tip #1: Do Not Call Yourself An Entry Level Developer

Entry Level Developer

I am starting a series of job search advice tips focusing on soon to be and recent coding bootcamp graduates. This first one may be the most important one…

Raise your right hand and repeat after me:

“I will never, ever, not once and surely never again call myself an Entry Level Developer”

Just don’t. Please. I am begging.

If you went through an intensive program of any kind be it in person, online or self taught, spent many weeks/months doing it and can write code that is useable… you are not an Entry Level Developer.

I want you to use titles like these:

  • Junior Developer

  • Associate Developer

  • Software Developer

The connotation of “entry level” is HUGE and using it any way absolutely does not help you:

  • Likely increases odds of you being passed over for a role

  • Likely leads people to believe you do not know anything

  • Likely gives a rationale to pay you less.

So why would use Entry Level Developer?

And now you won’t… because you just swore an oath you wouldn’t.

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