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Minnesota Recruiters In Demand–Fall 2018

Minnesota Recruiters In Demand

This year I have had a lot of conversations about the 2018 spike in demand for Recruiters and Sourcers (corporate, consulting and search firm). In August I put some data together for the first time => .

Above is the chart through November 2018. I get that those data points and lines are a bit messy. Here is what you need to know… that top line, that’s 2018. By far the most Minnesota recruiter jobs I have posted.

Here is another way too look at it:

18 - 11 Minnesota Recruiters In Demand Fall 2018 Raw DataThe column on the left is the year and the column on the right the total number of jobs posted that year. Through November I have posted 378 jobs. If you take the next top two years and add them together you are less than this years total through November.

So what does this suggest… these are my opinions that combine my experience and from speaking with labor analysts, CEO’s and peers. Some of these may be making impact more than others and know these are “in general” and not “absolute”:

  • Recruiter and HR groups have been understaffed for a long time. We’re finally getting our teams to the size they should have been a long time ago.

  • Recruiters are in demand so Recruiters are looking and moving around a lot. There’s a ripple effect for sure.

  • We have very low unemployment in most job categories causing greater stress on the business to grow resulting in more attention to recruiting.

  • Some groups are stepping up and getting more aggressive/serious about recruiting. #ItsAboutTime

  • I think this was the peak and we will not see numbers like these again for a long time.

  • Staying away from politics… the economy is likely to slow down a bit so the frenetic pace many recruiters have been maintaining will be reduced to “really busy” or something more normal.

  • There should be a continued low employment rate in the region for the next six months.

I’ll likely think of some more points and add them later.

Some things to know:

  • This is not a scientific set of data… it shows trends.

  • I post jobs that are sent to me or that companies have said that if I see them post something then I can add it too. It is not a data set of all the Recruiter jobs that are, have been available.

  • 90%+ of the jobs posted are corporate recruiter roles. Infrequently I get a consulting or search firm role to post.

  • Labor markets are lagging economic indicators

  • I’ve been doing this a long time and the Minnesota Recruiter community generally knows about this site so I don’t think there is any other “influence” that inflates the numbers other than demand.

This is how I am seeing it and I gladly take Twitter and LinkedIn comments and email to hear what you are seeing.

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