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MSP On Deck Podcast #23: Sentera, Evolve and Omnia Fishing Funding, Twin Cities Startup Week, Tech.MN And Ping.MN, Minneapolis Coworking And The MN Startup Scene

MSP On Deck

It’s a BIG episode for the MSP On Deck podcast. We successfully upgraded our sound. We can’t credit for it and will give it where it belongs… our friends at Foundry. Last week they moved into their new office space and are in the process of creating a podcast studio. They invited us over to see the space and record there. We spend the first couple of minutes on Foundry and to be clear, Kurt and the team did not ask us to nor did we plan to gush over them. They are good people doing good work. Click the following to learn more about them:

Here’s a photo collage from the day:

MSP On Deck Visits FoundryWe shift to recent funding announcements starting with Sentera. They raised a $14M round of funding. Casey walks us through how they use drones and software to help farmers manage their land. They are hiring… click Sentera Jobs. We also show our lack of knowledge of drones and airports Open-mouthed smile

I give a nod to CollegeRecruiter.com

Evolve Additive Solutions is in the manufacturing and 3D printing space. They raised $19M from groups including LEGO and Black & Decker.

We create a new term, “urn tech”.

Omnia Fishing raised $1M and rather just be a “bait shop” they will be using technology to help anglers find the right lures for specific lakes.

TroutSpotr is the app we mentioned that debuted at MinneDemo a couple of years ago.

We move from funding news to Twin Cities Startup Week. Click that link to see the calendar of all the events I mentioned. Here are a couple of posts I have written for this year:

We shift to talking about media coverage of the Minneapolis and St Paul tech scene. It comes up because of the recent controversary around Tech.MN Note that when did this episode we had not yet seen that Mike Bollinger is stepping down from TECHdotMN. He writes an important letter about how he has and will continue to be investing his time, dollars and influence in the Minnesota tech scene. We are all thankful for his ongoing support.

We talk about Ping.mn and how they are looking to create a cooperative or something similar to be a voice in the Minnesota tech scene. I applaud and support their mission and have already volunteered to lend a hand in some way.

Novel Coworking announced they have bought another building and will create a 2nd location with the whole building dedicated to coworking.

I ask Casey if the local coworking space is getting frothy. He says likely no. Kathy adds a stat that currently the MSP market is around 1.1%. That was a lot lower a % than I was thinking.

I quickly mention a a recent survey that I wrote about => Minneapolis A Top 10 Rising City For Startups.

And also a chat I had with Patrick Meenan and Ryan Kruizenga from Arthur Ventures… they are busy, growing and in a really good mood.

And we end with our dares… they were solid and something to listen to.

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Here we go…

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