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Twin Cities Startup Week 2018 Calendar And 10 Tips To Doing Startup Week

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We are one month (and a few days) from the kickoff of Twin Cities Startup Week (October 7-14, 2018) and today the schedule of events was posted.

In a good way, sorta… I am feeling overwhelmed. I jokingly say my introverted soul is going to feel bruised. But it’s worth it.

There’s a lot going on during the week and not just Twin Cities Startup Week. We also have these events going on (I will be attending some of those too):

Here is how to get started… click Twin Cities Startup Week Registration

I will be signed up as “VIP ACCESS”. You can sign up however best suits your activity.

Events that I am signing up for on my first run through the list:


  • The Lifecycle of a Brand: Building Stories that Start, Scale, Sustain, and Sell Businesses

  • Tech in St Paul, the Best Kept Secret in the Twin Cities

  • MN Cup Final Awards & Showcase


  • Scaling Company Culture as you and your Business Grow

  • Just Build It

  • Beta Showcase - Featuring the Area's Top Up-and-Coming Startups


  • Keeping the Diverse in IT: A Lesson in Employee Retention

  • Coffee & Closers :: CEOs that Sell

  • Techstars Retail Demo Day


  • Venture-Scale Apps: A Panel of MN's Funded Mobile-Centric Startups

  • Minnedemo30 + Bonus Techstars Farm to Fork Film Release

  • DocuMNtary Techstars Farm to Fork Film Release


  • BIT Tech Fest: Exhibit & Career Fair

  • Twin Cities Startup Week Job Market

  • Twin Cities Startup Awards and Twin Cities Startup Week Closing Party

There are others I will go back and sign up for… I need to make sure I am getting some recruiting work done during the week too.

If you see me at an event and want to talk about anything career, job search, recruiting or retention related… DO NOT be shy. Walk up, say hello and lets talk about it. If you know ahead of time we will be at the same event, send me an email with your questions.

NOTE: if you are brand new to Startup Week, are in but not involved in the Minneapolis/St Paul tech scene or are flying in for the event consider this an open invitation to reach out to me. I’ll help with introductions, suggest events and do whatever I can to make this a good experience for you.

Now to some advice on “doing” Twin Cities Startup Week:

  • Pace yourself. You can’t go to every event and speak to every person you want to. Do what you can.

  • Take notes. You will see a lot of presentations and meet a lot of people. Take notes so when your brain gets full you can remember.

  • Meet new people. DO NOT sit next to people you know. Use this week to broaden your network.

  • DON’T drink too much. You really don’t need one more beer or glass of wine. You need to be sharp and clear that day and rested for the next one.

  • Say hello to someone standing/sitting alone and introduce them to your friends.

  • Thank speakers, hosts and sponsors. Without them this does week does not happen.

  • Before and after the week… spend time with those you love because during the week they may feel a bit abandoned.

  • Walk when you can between and to events. You’ll be sitting a lot. Get some fresh air. Use your feet.

  • Print extra business cards

  • Update your LinkedIn profile, portfolio/web site (individuals) and career sites and job descriptions (for companies)

Mostly this… be open, participate, be kind, smile and say hello.

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