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Minnesota Recruiter And HR Events–Fall 2018

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I was putting together my own tech and recruiter events calendar for the coming months and saw a couple of LinkedIn updates with colleagues asking about events they should be attending.

Here is what I have that is going on in September and October 2018 (click titles to go to their page):

Those are the events that I know of in the Minneapolis and St Paul area.

I will be the moderator at the MNTRN event on September 19th. It’s a sweet panel and we are going to get into the topic of recruiting to the region and retention of those here. Which means… just about everyone should have interest in attending.

Last week I heard we were already were 55%+ registered for the space we have so be sure to register soon.

I will also be attending the SourceCon meetup and the TalentMN event.

If I missed an event send me a note so I can update this post.

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